Creature gone from the save + can't change the language

by KiraDM

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Creature gone from the save + can't change the language

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I was playing the game in English through Steam, after contacting support about not being able to login inside the game I was told the only way to do so would be to play through EA app, so I backuped the saves and My Spore Creations folder, uninstalled the game throught Steam and installed it again using EA app. 

The first problem was that even my account and app being configured to english and selecting English at installation, the game was installed in pt-BR. And I have tried all I could think of and could not install it in English.

After all that stress I decided to play it in pt-BR, since I was unable to solve it. So I transfared the creations from "My Spore Creations" to their respective folders at the portuguese version created by the game "Minhas criações Spore". When I openned the game I noticed the planet I was playing last was therer, but my creature is not loaded, even thought the creature is at he spore creations folder.

And, for a bonus problem, shouldn't there be a Galactic Adventures icon at the top left corner?

So, how can I get my creature back and play my game in English?


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