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Changing Spore Locale/Language

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Hello! I hope someone can help me with this, since EA themselves cannot.


I had to format my pc and installed the EA app (instead of Origin). Installed all the Spore games (Spore, Spore Creepy & Cute, Spore Galactic Adventures). When launching through the EA app, GA doesn't work (it only launches Spore + C&C), even when I click directly on it to launch. Only way to play it is by launching the .exe/shortcut of the .exe for Spore GA.


This is where the language issue starts. Within the EA app, I changed the Spore (base game) advance launch properties to "-L en-us" so it launches in english. But since GA doesn't work through the EA app, it doesn't launch in english.


Tried changing the shortcut's destination path to: "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Spore\SPORE Galactic Adventures\SporebinEP1\SporeApp.exe" -L en-us , but doesn't work. Also, I saw this somewhere but I don't think it is possible to change the path for the .exe itself to add the "-L en-us" portion, as someone suggested, at least I can't edit mine. If anyone knows how to make it editable, please let me know.


Tried going to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Spore\SPORE Galactic Adventures\Data\properties.txt AND C:\Program Files\EA Games\Spore\Data\properties.txt , and in both change the setting "locale=any" to "locale=en-us", but doesn't work.


Tried deleting all the locales under C:\Program Files\EA Games\Spore\Data\Locale except the folders for "en-gb" and "en-us", but it doesn't work (when setting everything to en-gb and leaving just en-gb all menus and text shows as "***"; when doing all for en-us and leaving both folders there's a mix of english and not english but for example the first title screen with "Spore" and "Galactic Adventures" under it, the last part isn't in english).


Checked several forums but can't seem to find any other option to fix this issue with language. Anyone has any idea how to help me putting the game fully in english?


Any help is much appreciated!

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Re: Changing Spore Locale/Language

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Have you fixed this yet? I'm struggling with this as well and I literally tried everything you have and I've come to the same results, lol.

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Re: Changing Spore Locale/Language

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Hi! Sorry for the hiatus. And yes!, I think I managed a to find a few workarounds!


So, what I manage to find that fixes this is either of these 2 ways:


1) If you have/get the game on Steam and play it through there (which you should be able to, at least I was able to a few weeks back), you can change the game's language via its Launch Options. You can have access to everything as per usual via the EA App and you can login to your Spore account/update your Sporepedia when you launch the game.


2) You can get the Dr. Peppers Spore Bot Parts Pack patch (you can easily find legitimate sources for it), "install" it and when you run your game, via Steam OR EA App, it will launch in English (or whatever language you set it to, although this I'm not so sure about, as I always set mine to English and it launched in English).

  • Do keep in mind some "requirements" to install this patch as I think you need GA installed before running the game with this patch installed (the pages where you download it from explain the install steps/etc.).
  • Also, not sure if you know it or not, but having this patch installed only means you can use the Bot Parts on your creatures, but it won't let you share them (it would work like a mod, I think). For that you need to check your Spore page and see if you have the little symbol for this DLC in your game's list. If you don't, you can ask EA to enable this, there are plenty forums that explain how.

I think this is about it. Hope I didn't overcomplicate the explanations. Any doubt, just ask and I'll try to help out.



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