Cannot download adventures from sporepedia

by Mort1mer07

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Can't access Sporepedia via browser. What should I do?

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I'm using the steam version of Spore and I'm trying to login to the Sporepedia browser with no luck. I am logged into my Spore account thru the game, but every time I try to log in thru the browser EA wants to make a new EA account for me. Or if I log into my actual Origin account it logs me into a Spore account I made that I haven't ever used for years.


I have a strong feeling my Spore account was made before I needed an EA account, which is why I do not have it linked to Origin and that's why its not giving me my original Spore account as the login? My original Spore account is really old by the way, like 2008-09


All I can tell now is my Spore account details aren't being found when I sign into the Sporepedia via the browser. Spore game Sporepedia login is fine.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. 

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Cannot download adventures from sporepedia

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I cannot download any adventures from the sporepedia to galactic adventures. It doesn't work with either Origin or Steam. I have only successfully downloaded a single creature but no adventures and no more creatures beyond that.

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