Adventure Trick: Gifts From Friends

by sean1m

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Adventure Trick: Gifts From Friends

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Hello whoever's actually here. This tutorial will make socialization more useful. Follow the steps below to learn how to get creatures to give you an item for befriending them.


First of all we need to disguise a gate as a floor piece and then place a creature on it like so below (NOTE: Please avoid placing a creature under a low roof as this can confuse the AI).



Now that we've done that lift the floor tile up and place the item you want the creature to give you underneath. You can tell the position of the creature by the dust they kick up on the ground when they move.


Set the floor back down on top of the item to hide it so the captain can't collect it themselves. Then get a building, set it to allied team and flip it upside down. Hide it decently deep underground so the creature can see it but won't attack it.



Now place invisible gates around the creature to stop it from moving.


Finally the creatures AI needs to be set up below. Set it to follow itself to make it stand idle without animation (or you can just use idle if you want). Set it to pick up the item and then set it to threaten allied team above picking up the item. This will make it threaten the building so it won't pick up the item until after the captain befriends it. Add social after that and then ad give to player at the top. 


Test it, befriend the creature and watch as it gives you the item.


And we are done. Sure before you befriend it the creature will look angry but hey maybe that's the point. You cheer them up. Have fun with this trick.


EDIT: Here is the adventure I used to make this tutorial if you want to play around with it just drag the image onto your desktop and drag it into the game.

 Gift From a Friend.png

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Re: Adventure Trick: Gifts From Friends

What a epic tut, thanks so much @sean1m  for working out... 

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Re: Adventure Trick: Gifts From Friends

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omg thats so awesome. really cool!! i think ill be trying this trick out next time i make an adventure!! :D

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