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Skate 4

by ooohchristy

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Skate 4

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Basically I know there's a lot of people in the Skate community longing for a Skate 4 and the other day I stumbled across this video on YouTube, which seemingly confirms the existence of a Skate 4.

However I was skeptical as to the credibility of this video so I decided to go ahead and call them up myself for some answers. After various people told me they had no knowledge of a Skate 4 I was eventually put through to the extremely helpful/lovely Lorraine in Austin, Texas. After she had spoken to a few people she said something along the lines of "although no release date or details have been confirmed I expect it will come out in 2013". She was quite vague, I am sure they are told to be like this when discussing future games which haven't been officially announced, but the general gist was that one is in development somewhere (I think).

I am just posting here so those who may or may not be developing a Skate 4 can see that we have all played Skate 3 to death and want nothing more than a fourth installment! With recent rumblings of the next gen coming out at the end of the year I believe, as do many others, that this would be the perfect time to release a new Skate; utilising the new technologies and bringing us a more realistic and comprehensive skating experience. As great as Skate 3 is there are definitely things that could be added which my friends and I have discussed at length. Here's a few examples:


-Flatland: perhaps a mechanic whereby you click in the analogue sticks and then do combinations similar to doing flip tricks?

-Pressure flips: again, this could be easily achieved by a similar mechanic to the one above.

-More realistic physics: while Skate 3 is a great game, what it lost from the earlier games is the more realistic physics. The option to play on easy and normal should still be there but perhaps there could be another even more realistic mode than hardcore for those who want an ultra-realistic skating experience.

-The map: I'm sure on next gen it would be possible to make a really cool, really massive map. A lot of people missed having one large, fluently skateable map in Skate 3 and I think if there was to be a Skate 4 it would be great if it could feature one massive map that you can Skate around, rather than having the different parts like Skate 3 did.

-More tech stuff: I know this is vague but if there was more technical tricks you could do I know it would add a lot of enjoyment for me and my friends who play Skate.






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I just want to say thanks so much for posting this, like you I've been trawling the net for ages looking for any semi-credible news on a new Skate instalment, as it seems ea have all but abandoned the series. Thank you so much for your diligence in fact-checking that makes this the only credible news (and thankfully, fairly recent!) that I've found. If you find out any more information at all I and many others would love to hear it, and I shall check back here often. Again, thanks for giving hope to a heart broken at the previous news that there would not be a Skate 4.
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please tell me whate you think of my ideas, alright so i feel like its basically been the same since skate 1 i think it would be really cool if there were some major changes. the first is you you should have to catch the board so say you doing a kickflip you have to pll down and flick up and to the left and hold it until the griptape comes around an release the stick to catch and depending on when you catch it you could fall or land sketchy or land clean or even land in primo. it would make a simple pop shuvit cool since youd have to let it rotate exactly enough before you catch it. my other idea is to make skating halfpipes not mostly about airs its stupid that you cant even do a rock to fakie. i was thinking if you could skate miniramps and ge able to skate it like i do in real life with mostly stalls and grinds, you could do a rock to fakie by going up and right before the coping pull down to do a manual then push forward after your the front is past the coping and pull down to bring the front up and start coming back in an end it by push forward to bring the front back down. a rock and roll would be the same thing but when your coming back in use the other stick to pivot aound. using that basic concept the possibilities could be endless

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so effin happy about  a possible skate 4 in the mix. I love all the skate games but yeah..Its time for something new. Been playing the game for too long and as the weather sux at the mo !too much! I need some new virtual spots haha. 


as for ideas....As a skater and a gamer I think lawnflamingo2 ideas are sick, but thinking as a generic gamer I don't know if both ideas would translate as fun or a technical annoyance. I like it tho. Maybe it would be possible to incorporate that stuff within the difficulty settings. ???


I think maybe a better tow/skitch is needed. The cars are great for getting pulled around the map but as for getting speed to hit a spot is a nightmare. it takes ages to get it right and its also a glitchy area in the game. what about a friend on a bike? and be able to mark start/finish points to be towed from. I think this would translate to the generic gamer too as it could be used to do 1080 one foot judos off a mini qtr or for a realistic trick for the people like me who use this game as an alternative to when you can't skate.


real spots could be cool.


be able to skate further away from your marker without a loading screen.


more stuff in skate park creator. The one in skate 3 is great. tbh that's what has kept me playing. Being able to d'load from others is good as you can keep finding new stuff to skate. So just more stuff in general would be good.


that's it for now.

Can't wait for a release date.  

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I think that they should also incorporate longboarding aspects such as bigger hills, bigger boards, more realistic speed wobbles, downhill wheels and trucks etc.

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Hey, George.


I couldn't help but notice you're post about skate 4. You are deffinetly right.

 I think that Skate 4 should have something like the Stadium like off of Skate 3. Because it is a fairly large map and people have enjoied making their oun parks from the Stadium. Like Megaparks, Realistic parks, and just out right crazy parks. So the idea of having a large map is a great idea, and i also think that there should be another difficulty, i think it should be called Vetran. And all of you're other ideas were splended.


                        So, i will call ea on the phone and tell them about yo're GREAT ideas. Oh, and one more thing, between you and me, EA is making a new bmx dame named Ride. It should be way FUN. Do you have a PS3? and if so whats you're account name so that i can send you a Friend Request. my account name is really btrease. NO CAPS

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Hey, its Me again just saying this message is from btrease

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The only thing I would want in a possible Skate 4 would be:

Better map(skate3 had no spots and was too clean),

Draining pools and removing grind stoppers should come back,

Better lighting(like it was i skate 2, + a day/night cycle),

No easy/hardcore mode(just more tweaked physics and harder to gain speed),

And ofcourse i would like to see Reda come back even though he's annoying as ****.

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i like those ideas...personally i would NOT like reda back but i do like those other concepts....i thought that in skate 4 they could maybe have a larger clothing range...ya know so its not all chavy clothes i would also like to see more skaters such as daewon song...ali boulala maybe.

another thing a day and night cycle , better spots.. and one big map instead of seperate zones...skate reel and graphics creator .... oh and maybe add stickers to your board  and be able to change your board size ...oh and please hope they have the redbull manny mania maps....and more emo clothes.....and definately griptape designs and better graphics and more realistic skating. and many more tricks and more skate companies such as sugar blind..(they was not in skate 3 for some reason) and maybe enuff and world industries ...... and real spots but i do really want that sticker thing (and be ableto have more than one) and the possibility of your board snapping and more realistic bails......that is most of what i can think of .



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