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Hospital Bug

by RonGYX

Original Post

restarting in simcity build it

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Why can't I just upgrade any buildings I want instead of follow the suggestion that system give
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Hospital Bug

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Hi All


Logged in today and was faced with this:


Under the health tab, the hospital is not registered and does not display the green radius like it is supposed to. And instead, the City Storage is the building that displays the green radius when the health tab is chosen. Quite sad, happiness is falling and im unable to upgrade buildings as they are unhappy not having health coverage. My game is broken ):


I also have issues with the High School where it is also not registered under the education tab. (meaning it reamins white like the hospital even though the respective tab is chosen) Help! Anyone else having problems like these?


EDIT: Forgot to mention the possible remedies i've tried.

1) Tried playing on another device

2) Deleted and reinstalled

3) Tried re-locating the hospital and other buildings

All to no avail



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Re: Hospital Bug

EA Community Manager

Hi there, 

We;re sorry to see that this happened. To be able to investigate the issue, can you please contact our support in-game (Settings-Help-Contact Us). 


Thank you

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I have much buildings, but I can't upgrade my buildings. There are not so much upgrades, but there comes no upgrade icon. What can I do to upgrade them? Thanks
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Can't Upgrade Residential Buildings Anymore

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I have about 20 residential buidlings.  They have all reached similar points and I have no option to upgrade them any further.  I have no buildings with the yellow hard hat and it has been that way for three days.  Is there something I have to build to allow them to upgrade further?  Daniel has much taller buildings in his city.

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Re: Can't Upgrade Residential Buildings Anymore

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A building can only be built and then upgraded for a total of 6 times (construction site -> small house/trailer -> big house -> small apartments -> big apartments -> small tower -> big tower/skyscraper).  After that, the building is done and can't be upgraded any further.  If your land value is low, fully upgraded buildings will look like old stone sky scrapers from the '30s and '40s.  If you've since increased land value that the building sits on (through booster buildings like Education, Gambling, Enterntainment, Parks, etc), fully upgraded buildings will be stuck as the old buildings they previously were.  Like in real life, you need to bulldoze them down and rebuild them from scratch to get taller glass covered skyscrapers.

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building wont upgrade

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I have the green check next to my buildings, but I can't get the buildings to upgrade. I tap on the buildings and nothing happens. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: building wont upgrade

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I not had the first upgraide on the Parris zones let alone 6


Nor can I upgraide buildings I put 3 in my town Persion zones ones so I could do the upgraide for the mayors challenge but none of the building have come up with a hard hat put them down 2 days ago did the first part and now unable to upgraide any of them only the risedentel zone upgrades none of the Parris ones 

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