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Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

by k1200lt

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Re: Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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I have been playing since last February and would experience the occasional freeze up and crash, but it was tolerable when it only happened once in a while. I have my city up to level 52, with appx 990,000 population. In December around the time of the Sim City Christmas update I also updated my software to IOS 9.2.1.  Ever since I ran both of these updates the game freezes and crashes constantly, to the point where I can only play for a few minutes at a time without it crashing, I don't even bother trying to get into global trade or Daniel's city at this point because most of the time it just freezes up by just clicking the tab.  I continue to hold out hope that there is going to be an update with bug fixes or EA will offer a way around the problems, but at this point attempting to play this game has become pure frustration and causes my blood pressure to go up.  Can anyone at least direct me to an answer, is my issue is the size of my city or is it my software or is it just poor programming in the game itself ?  

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Re: Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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Poor programming indeed. You can continue playing switching the wi-fi off. You are lucky if you can play a few minutes while connected because I crash instantly when connected. You can access Daniel's city when unconnected. Of course when wi-fi is off there'll be no market and no sales but also no way to buy credits for the game wich is good since everything you spent on the game will be lost sooner or later. To bad for EA who also looses players confidence...

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Re: Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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My husband and myself are on levels 63 and 65 and right now neither one of us can even get the game to load if we are online - we do what we can off line but can't access anything that has to do with online.  He is almost 3 mill people and I am just over 2 mill and we are ready to toss it in if they don't fix soon!

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Re: Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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Hi all


since the mayor contest update the game will even crash while ipad is offline.

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Re: Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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Im also ipad2 ive noticed the game runs fine/ok when there are no offers on the left hand side of the screen, ie no maxis manor, no easter specials, no storage expansion offers. IF there are offers it crashes and if there are more than one then its unplayable. Offline mode is ok, but for contest of want to be online to gain resource - having said that, after reading the "screwed in the contest of mayors thread" im not sure I want to take part in that two.


Anyone having this issue with the more recent ipads?

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I am having the same problem with my ipad 2, tried so many things, reboot, reinstaled, turned off background updating, freed some space, nothing, what helped me was playing offline for a while. But the minute that i go online everything happens again.

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I guess you cant complain about a game being free, but here it is.  Start game with WIFI crashes on splash screen very seldom make it to the game board, if it does it crashes within a couple of minutes. If you start the game without WIFI it will crash after awhile, but you may actually be able to do something and still have those things when you restart the game, but maybe not. If you turn on WIFI after your in the game for a few minutes maybe it'll crash in a few minutes maybe in 10 minutes but it will crash.


Even deleting the game and starting new you will still see crashes but not as frequent.


See no reason to do in-app purchases just to loose them, seems like someone at EA would understand there is unrealized loss revenue due to inadequate programming and QA.



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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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This is probably just for iPad 2 owners, as I'm glad I'm not the only one having major crash issues. Until they update the app, just play the game in offline mode -- just turn wifi on at least once a day to update the game.

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I am having the same problem with my ipad mini. Ever since i started playing the game, it would crash in the marketplace when travelling to large cities. Now my city has grown and crashes every 5-10 minutes. I think these crashes are do to the complexity of the cities as i close all other apps while playing and stay current on updates. Looks like i may need to abandon my city soon. If i do, i will save real money.

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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Ipad mini too then! Yes don't spend one cent on this app, you'll loose it.

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