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Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

by k1200lt

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I am really sick of this. I'd spent weeks and weeks creating a city and was close to building the airport, then...after downloading the airport update, which I suspect is the cause of it - the game repeatedly crashed on startup. Eventually I gave up, deleted the game from my iPad and reinstalled it. I lost my original city and started again, and guess what? Every time I start it up, it crashes!

Will one of the developers please sort this out?!
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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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It still does it and needs fixing urgently, BUT, I've found a trick that might help. When you finally get it to load (and it will in the end), play until you've done what you can, then instead of closing it down, press the iPad button twice so the programme stays active in the background, then you should find it will re-load ok..long idea why; it doesn't't make much sense, but it works...or at least it's working for me! Hope this helps.
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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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i m playing on android;


when i start the game, i see "unfortunately simcity stopped" message several times.


with that "solution(?)" at least i m able to play after

* clear data

* restart city

* complete base tasks (everyday after restart my tablet)

* and connect o facebook/download from facebook. (i guess i'm a bit lucky to connect to facebook before that "update")


but isn't that a bit  #$½[]$\} process ??


Shouldn't that be fixed by EA/developers  ??


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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I am obviously not the one in having the same problem.  It has been crashing on startup for the last two and a half days.  I even tried uninstalling it last night and reinstalling it, but got the same result.  What is going on?

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I'm using an android tablet and it keeps crashing also, it's very annoying.

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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Finally, after erasing the game, it came back (from GameCenter) and I kept playing till reaching a population of almost a million sims.


But the last update, ios and/or SimCity Buildit changed it back to systematic crash at startup.


I erased the game again, hoping it would turn back as it did last time but no. I have lost the city and the real money I put in.


I go on playing on the new city (not mentionning that I will never put a penny in an ea ipad game again) but it keeps on crashing, mostly when I visit other cities (big ones, the smalls are ok).


This game is dead for ipad2 owners

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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Hi all


finally found the solution to my Ipad 2/Sim City buildit problem on the EA servers (just cannot find the solution post anymore). I applied it and it's been working just fine so far: switch off the background app refresh (actualisation en arrière plan in french). Especially on memory voracious apps like youtube or so...


Hope this will help some of you.


(there is an update to my problem, what I say in these lines is no longer valid)

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Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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It was about half a year when the game started to crash frequently on my iPad. As I am not the only one having the same issue I expect it is a bug, or even worse it's a very bad software design causing this behavior. Instead of anybody in EA try to fix the issue, the situation is getting worse and worse with each single update. Now, when I manage to play the game for few minutes after 50 unsuccessful tries to launch it, I could call myself a lucky guy. It's truly unplayable.


Listen you all in EA! It's really bad Christmas gift! I really liked the game but now I'm forced to quit and uninstall it. How can you think I could consider paying any money for sim cash or whatever else when the game has become such *! Think! Think twice before constantly adding new and new features making the game confusing and difficult to play. Instead of it ... debug, debug and debug! And then, think again.

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Re: Simcity buildit keeps crashing on startup

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I have had the same problem.


The following worked for awhile - that is until I did the last upgrade of the game (the one that added the ski resort) - but now it does not.


I have an iPad2 16Gb running iOS9.2.  Note this problem started when I upgraded to iOS9.


  • ensure all other apps are closed and auto update switched off
  • switch Wifi OFF
  • load game in off-line mode
  • when graphics fully loaded (ie cars running smoothly) switch Wifi back on - and wait 10 seconds or so.  The screen should "blink" and return to the image as you had it in off line mode but you should then be on-line

The above did not always work - but did many times.  Best way to switch Wifi on/off is to "up swipe" from the bottom of the screen to expose that control panel.  If I left the game and started the setup option to switch WiFi on the results were not as good.


I have a large city (over 850,000) and think the graphics are now too much for my processor.  When loading I think it tries to load the graphics and synch to the server at the same time - result is overload/time outs and hence the program crashes.


Real shame as I now conclude I need to buy a new iPad to continue the game.  Real shame - I like the game but not that much!


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Re: Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

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This has been happening for months. Thre was a stretch of a week where things were good before the latest upgrade. I'm convinced this happens when the local app communicates state updates to the EA servers. The communication failure crashes the game.

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