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Limit of undeveloped zones

by Lucien326

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Limit of undeveloped zones

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As I know, a builder can have 3 undeveloped zones, but I only have 2 undeveloped zones. I try to re-install game and play in another device, but it still the same. It this a bug?

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Re: Limit of undeveloped zones

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Which level are you in ? I have also noticed it .The problem occurred in my city also .I would need a expert to tell you the exactly what are the requirements to get 3 undeveloped zones back but the problem disappears in the later levels.For me it dissapeared around level 24.

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Re: Limit of undeveloped zones

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Dont worry once you get so far thru like me they just stop giving you land and your city stays stagnant. It is very annoying just smashing down existing buildings just to rebuild them again.
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