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Re: Lastest COM irritating!

by Attitoode

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Lastest COM irritating!

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Im not trying to rant here, but there are a few points i'm finding a little difficult to understand with COM at the moment. Firstly there seems to be an ongoing issue with the Export HQ which for me hasn't worked since the beginning of this season - Disappointing. Then we have the War assignments in the COM. Not that I mind these, its just why have a legendary war assignment when I don't have any legendary attacks? its like asking me to build houses in a region I don't have access to, its plain ridiculous. So now I have 3 assignments using Export HQ and one war assignment that are unable to be completed. These are also the high point assignments so I'm stuck with scrapping through on 1000 plump bob assignments. I love the game, but these latest decisions made are frustrating me. Maybe less emphasis on wars in COM? 

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Re: Lastest COM irritating!

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Shouldn't have war assignments at all in COM. Not everyone participates in war. They are just lost points for those mayors. That's unfair. If the assignment is deleted, it's lost. Then, the game reassigns it 1 or 2 turns later resulting in more lost assignments. Now with the additional war items, instead of 3 lost assignments/ points,there are 6. All high point. And am now seeing assignments to expand specialty areas, i.e. mountain and beach. Again, those assignments are unavailable to mayors who have exhausted those resources. All slots in all regions being built out. The devs shouldn't assign tasks that are impossible for every mayor to do, from the newest to the oldest. Only tasks that can be performed in the original framework should be allowed, i.e. factory, commercial, building upgrades, simolean colletion for all regions and Omega, epics. They seem to have forgotten that not everyone plays all parts of the game. They shouldn't have to, to participate in the COM for prizes.

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Re: Lastest COM irritating!

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Hey there, Mayors @GonzoLevistky and @cricket4103.


We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for sharing.


Arrenai Cat

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Re: Lastest COM irritating!

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Worst update ever! Most of the tasks impossible to do. Maybe it's finally time to stop playing. Every one in my club shares this thought


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Re: Lastest COM irritating!

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Ever since they brought in the Regional HQ, it is clearly just about a money-grab. I am totally fine watching the ads to help with their revenue, which I am sure they make a ton with, but I refuse to spend money on being able to complete tasks in the game. The Mayor's Pass is their latest attempt. Why would I want to spend money on something that I won't own? Doesn't make sense to me to spend money just to complete tasks in a game. Games that have a two tier system of free or pay to win never last. They may have over 6 million downloads but most stop playing after a couple months in. I am overdue. 

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