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[INFO] Restarting in SimCity BuildIt & Offline play

by EA_Zoe

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[INFO] Restarting in SimCity BuildIt & Offline play

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Community Manager (retired)

Can I delete my city and start over?

Sorry Mayor, your city is for keeps! Try rearranging your buildings or re-drawing your roads if you need a change, and remember you could get some of your Simoleons back for bulldozing purchased buildings!


Can I delete my saved cities from Facebook, Game Center or Google Play?

There's no way to delete those previous saves, sorry! It's a security feature to make sure you can play across your devices safely. 


Can I save two cities using the same Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account? 

No but you can create a new account if you would rather save your new city than rearranging the old one.


How do I access my city from a different device?

First, make sure you've saved your city online! Then complete the game tutorial on your new device. The option to connect online will appear. Log on to the account where your city is stored and it will automatically load up on your device.


I can't sign in, the connection options are missing!

Complete the tutorial, then the connection options will magically appear in your game settings.

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[INFO] Playing SimCity BuildIt while offline

EA Staff

Sometimes Offline happens. But even if your train meets a tunnel, your network provider falls over, or you’re visiting Grandma in the wilderness, you can still keep building your city. Your offline progress will be saved on your mobile device until next time you go online. Pretty cool, huh?

From time to time we will remind you to get back online, as there are a few important reasons to check in with us regularly.

When you play offline:

  • Your device is not communicating with our servers, so we are not saving your progress. If something happens to your device, you could lose your progress!
  • Social features are disabled so you are unable to visit your friends’ cities (Jane’s Trade Depot will still be open for business).
  • Your Trade Depot and Global HQ are inaccessible. If items previously put up for sale in your Trade Depot are sold while you play offline, you will receive your Simoleons only after you connect again.
  • Important updates and bug fixes won’t be relayed to your phone. Don’t miss out!
  • You cannot make any purchases of SimCash in the store (but you can still exchange your current SimCash for Simoleons).

It’s also important to note:

  • If you have been playing offline on one device and start to play online on a secondary device (using the same account login), any offline progress you made on the first device will be overwritten and cannot be retrieved. 
  • If you’ve stayed offline for a while, there will come a point where you’ll be unable to continue playing unless you reconnect. Important updates and new features will be coming, and you’ll want to keep up with the possibilities for enhancing your city of the future! We’ve got a lot planned and want you to have the best experience possible!
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