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Half my points from last task not added mayors contest

by Athewhofan2

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Half my points from last task not added mayors contest

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In the mayors contest my last task was worth over 2000 points I think it was either 2500 -2800 points and at the time my score was  over 69,000 and when the last score was added the game made my score up to 70245 should of been 71245 so why did the game give me half the score on the last task of 10 burgers? If it played fair I would of been either 9th or 10 placed. Not no 11

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Re: Half my points from last task not added mayors contest

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I been doing good as I won 3 contest and then it started going down hill of no fault of my own as I did what I been doing when I won but the last 2 contest all the game has given me 1900 averages compared to the 2100 averages. And I used all 3 ticket as I saw chance of getting the first 3 I came 2 then last minut third place same big prize that ok great not like the 3 before when I was getting at the end 115k points not dropped to 97k even with 3 tickets as the game only dropped me a 1440 points instead of the 2k to 3k points I use to get. So what's gone wrong why am I only been given less points putting me at a disadvantage losing and I no control what points as given. So it is a lottery after not a proper compertition where can win by skill? At the moment in 4th placed and no points high enough to improve my position so as the game decided not to reward me high enough scores. Not use to been at a disadvantage. But the game his put me there and there is nothing I can do about it. Just use what I got and since no way I can get the usual 100k points to get the first 3 I not used the last ticket out of 3. So I wait till the game decide to drop higher scores I not playing an unfair contest. 


I like to know why some given very low scores to play with and others then given much higher ones. Unless of course it a way to give the under dog a chance of winning yes I can live with that if I given my turn now and again?

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