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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

by Attitoode

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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I have the same issue, there are so many cheaters and nothing seams to be done about it. This week in the mayors missions one player without a name, (how can that be possible????) shows up at 158,000 plus on Friday afternoon and this morning he’s at 217,765 how can that be??????? What I don’t understand is that if you report a a cheater your answer is we will look into it but you need to understand that we will not give feedback as it is personal information. Pfffft every mayor should receive a note saying that cheater has been catcher and that you removed it. No need to give the cheaters name, but it would be appropriate that we are advised that you got them with the mayors help.see attached for proof of what I’m saying.


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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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I was so furious few weeks ago about these hackers. Now I've been in the last 4 coms 3, 3, 9, 1, so maybe something has been done. Only one obvious cheater in these four weeks in my coms. So that's big improvement! 

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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Not really.


Eventually they will do something but it is always too late. People are still being robbed of what is rightfully theirs. The real winners still don't get compensated. I have recorded the clubs that the cheaters belong too and follow up to see if they getted banned, and they do. Takes about 2 weeks for anything to get done.


Unfortunately, I am still seeing cheaters in my circle. Lately I have been saving screenshots of the players in last place. I do this daily. Always someone at the bottom with zero score will emerge to first place in a matter of six hours on the last day. They don't want to be too obvious by doing it at the beginning of the contest. Everyone is watching the top scores and not paying attention to what is happening at the bottom. I suggest everyone does this.


Anyone who spends real money on this game better be prepared to see it go wasted. I'll definitely be not spending money on it. I don't even use SimCash anymore in the contests since I am going to be swindled out of it. 


Best thing we can do is keep complaining and keep this thread at the top. Or maybe it is time to find another outlet. 

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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You are so right! I should have been compensated many times but no. It wouldn't be so hard!


I don't use real money to this. My club always gets the legendary chest so I had simcash to spend when the mayor's pass thing started. 


I have done only the biggest point tasks in every com after mayor's pass started. The points needed stopped growing in 30 000. As stated in earlier post I have been in top 10 in every com and still i won't have a chance to get to the last level, only the cheaters can.


I think it's very embarrassing to EA that they have made the mayor's pass in accordance to cheaters impossible points. It isn't possible to achieve the last level even by using  real money. I know cause I have used thousand simcash to win 4000... Happy those thousand were not paid by real money. 



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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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I hear ya!


It is even worse now with the Mayor's Pass. Instead of winning 4000 SimCash, it is only 2000. Second place is only a 1000. So you'll spend a 1000 to win a 1000 because chances are so good that you will lose to a cheater. 


I know what kind of effort it takes to get into the top 6. The time is incredible, even using SimCash. So when I see someone go from zero to 200,000 in 6 hours, it just makes me feel more inclined to just pack it in. Seems like I spend more time tracking and reporting cheaters than actually playing this game. I suppose I should listen to myself.

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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Still finding cheaters and still reporting them. 


Keeping this thread at the top until something gets done about it so that cheating doesn't happen anymore or I give up and quit.

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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Currently playing CoM and it was pretty competitive with players jostling for the top spots as it should be.  Normally you will notice a player gaining on you in 1k increments.  Out of nowhere a player showed up in first place with a 40k lead.  What's funny is that his score is 127,957.  The other 99 players in this match has a score ending in a zero or five.  How do you get a score that is an odd number?  Really starting to irritate me that this is allowed.  Please tell me Ikachka how do you get this score?  EA, you need to stop this!

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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Well.. I stumbled upon this video on youtube..


Im not sure if it still works in the current version of simcity but the black button on the left is clearly not a part of the regular game..


And that, my friends.. is apparently how you fart your way to the top position in a matter of minutes..



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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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Well, isn't that interesting!


The video is in Russian, so that explains why it is usually the Russians that are winning the Contest of Mayors with impossible scores. 


So my best guess is that it still works because the Russians still keep hacking the game.


I still can't believe they haven't been able to make this game with check points in it that immediately red flag someone when an unusual points score comes up. They should know what the average score should be and how many points you could earn in a day. Anything that goes against the clock should immediately be frozen and investigated. How complicated is it? If Facebook can do it, I am sure they can too.

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Re: Cheats/Hackers in Contest of Mayors

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@Attitoode Again on third place on megalopolis. First guy (Russian) made 170 000 points in two days. Now in the last day he went over 200 000 in minutes.

Legit for sure.
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