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Re: Bridge update on Android

by Stykex

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Bridge update on Android

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Hello, as the title suggests the purpose of this topic is ask if there are plans for adding bridges for Android users too. It's not the first time contents in simcity buildit are locked to android users and, whilst with the whole Earth's day thing there could have been a reason due to the found raising initiative by Apple, this is not the case. I don't know if we Android users do also get "special contents", but it's just plain silly to discriminate people who are playing this way. Bridges have been waited so long in this game and are such a game changer (unlike all the Earth's day buildings put together) that they can't just be locked to all Android users. Hoping to get some answers on this.
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Re: Bridge update on Android

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I believe there's another thread regarding the RED stuff and bridges, and if memory serves a dev said they'd try to get it to android as well but for now it was not possible or something. look around the recent threads in the forums for one called "hope bridge" or something

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Re: Bridge update on Android

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I have Samsung tablet and I have no bridge option. What's the story with that

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