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by jaredleto21

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Hi bethannhub,


It is tough, keep plugging away and you’ll get there. Good luck to you.

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Well....I see the war supply dupping still goes on after the big war update. Half way through war and the other team has used over 240 hydrants just on magnetism alone.

A honest team has no place in this game.
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Update was pretty worthless honestly.  None of the major issues were addressed.  We're a top 50 team about to lose to another team because they stopped fighting with the slightest of leads at 36k.  Mind you, we regularly score 300k+.  I get that it's a strategy, but it is no fun and makes everyone lose interest.

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You are absolutely right. Cut EA’s income from war, see how fast they will prevent it.
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A few wars back my team reported a cheating team. Guess which team we just got matched up against? The same one we previously reported! This proves to me that EA does not address the cheating issues. We are very disappointed to say the least.  That team should have been taken out of the game but EA did absolutely nothing despite the 10 or more separate reports we sent in.

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@roccodonovan8 *snip*  I've dealt with a couple hacking clubs that had 4-5 members dropping nothing but some sort of hydrant attack all war.  I did the math and it was like 300+ hydrants between all the players, 2 did nothing but mag attacks with every single energy the entire war.  We even faced one club that somehow had a member sit under shield for 24 hours while still putting up points.  His attack history showed only 10 damage when we took him out in the first hour, then somehow between then and when he actually got up the second time he'd put up 16k points smh.  I get that some clubs work together and give their strongest members all the hydrants, but the amounts used that war against a club that was ranked around the 1,500 mark, I don't see them having that kinda of strategy.  Now my club is pulling into the top 200 when our war ends in about 5 hours and we haven't run into any hackers the last few wars, but I've seen screen shots online of people who had like 20k in hydrants alone, their storage showed around 80k of 600.  My club is all legit and can't stand cheaters, if I found one in my club I'd remove them immediately, just don't see the fun in winning by cheating......


EDIT by EA_Jason: No naming and shaming please.

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I got the same problem
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I know I'm replying to my own comment but I'm a bit confused why it was edited saying no naming or shaming when I mentioned no names at all, so @EA_Jason could you please explain what it was I said that fell in that category because I know that's not allowed and is exactly why I didn't include any names of players or the club specifically saying.


As well to those out there who are having issues with having other clubs dropping mag after mag after mag on you, usually it's not cheating per say.  Starting with extra energy or putting up 20k in points over the last 30 mins is crazy and probably is a hacker, however the mag attacks is different. 


With the war map now allowing you to buy items players have easier access to getting more of those attacks, especially if the club wins regularly earning more war cash.  As well almost all top 250 or so clubs have feeder clubs as well, it's very common from what I've read online. 


They have tons of members with low lvl accounts in a different club and run war after war after war just to fill items super cheap.  Imagine being a lvl 50 and a hydrant is 2 burgers, 1 pizza and 2 home textile.....on a lvl 18 it's 2 planks, a grass and 3 hammers as an example, waaaaaay easier to fill 100+ orders a war.  Then after each feeder war is done they move the mini accounts into the club to transfer items.


Personally I know some think that's cheating, but imo it's called strategy and if players are willing to put in the time to run multiple cities to earn war items then more power to them.  


Also there are people who have spent thousands of dollars on the war cards so lvl 8-10 mag attacks are legit, they just spent the cash to get them!  All of my attacks are lvl 4-7 so I can put up 33k a war easy and I'm no hacker, just make plenty of money to drop $15 on war cards every few wars.


Just figured I'd drop some info out there in regards to how many clubs are launching 20+ mag attacks a war, it's the feeder of luck to all of ya out there!



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Disaster type launch should be limited, 1 disaster / 4 hrs. That might be a temporary solution

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No comment. 🤦‍♂️
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