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by jaredleto21

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Hi CleoneTown,


It certainly is suspicious and well worth reporting through the in game help section under report a player...just report the club. Eventually EA’s representatives will investigate and based on their findings will take appropriate actions, but you have to report them. Sharing here is great and encouraged, but nothing happens without a ticket...sorry you had to experience that in your team’s 1st war game, hopefully it wii get better...


i’ve taken a week or so to consider how I want to address the conversation between J6NiceL, Superpraesi, Meesfeet and myself...first thank you J6NiceL for providing the proof of cheating that contradicted what Superpraesi stated, however reading his post to you I learned that English is a 2nd language (most impressive by the way, excellent communication talent and honestly I was surprised) and I think what he was trying to say was prove rather than proof which completely changes the context and also explains why he missed the subtle innuendos I have offered. Don’t get me wrong, that does not get him off the hook for not explaining why you projected that Fantastix and German Mayor were wrong (they were not) and certainly for the enthusiastic support of the “strategy” (why do I call it that...because it’s shorter than the 15 words that describes it, mainly adjectives) but now I have never experienced putting the pads on and going into battle with 21+ brothers where you sweat, and bleed and spit out the grass and the mud and when all is said an done you look your opponent in the eye, offering your right hand and thank him for bringing his best and bringing out yours. Or left the pads at home and played real men’s football like my friends down under...simple shout out to my Roos brothers!

Superpraesi, my best guess is perhaps you participated in the beautiful game where probing is key and laying on the grass for 2 minutes after being barely bumped is common offense I know it’s the world’s most popular game and I appreciate the greatness of the athletes, but come on some of these demonstrations are Oscar worthy...slap a yellow card on them and it will take care of it real quick, after all they’re begging for one. My point is playing keep away is a part of the game and honestly (in the immortal words of Lewis Grizzard) I’d rather watch 2 mules fight over a turnip (wait that use to be an Ohio State - Michigan football game) point is simple if you have never been a competitor (a real competitor) you will never understand and begin to appreciate my level of disdain and disgust...

Meesfeet, I do appreciate your technical insight and wealth of knowledge but as often is the case many technical folks tend to overlook the real big picture item Customer Satisfaction...without this regardless how technically sound the product is or how well made it is or how economically it can be provided to the customer they will shop elsewhere...a very valuable lesson our friends at EA should consider.

I appreciate the input each of you guys offer and though I may take exception to some (Superpraesi) I still learn something or get amused or get miffed but that’s good....keep sharing, it’s all in good fun and is certainly very different from these folks that come in asking really dumb questions where someone writes a one sentence simple answer that you find on a cereal box and gets awarded a solution and hundreds of xp’s and the writer gets a dozen (ok, I exaggerate) seems mighty suspicious -  are folks really that pathetic? I just shake my head...I’ll save that for another day. Take care.

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My club has just been given a similarly suspicious opponent. All war rank 1. My club is average war rank 16. We are in arena 5. Correct me if I am wrong but it would be near impossible to make it to arena 5 with a war rank of 1 for all cities in the club.


Assuming they do actually cheat,

I guess we will just have to let this team bubble us and then wait under the shield collecting ordinance until next war.


I will take screenshots and report them.

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Hi i am Another victim of war cheats we’re now into our second of beginning or third lightning war in the first two wars were with cheaters who had unlimited supplies of magnetisms to attack with and a high value attacks i Have  experience this now for probably over a year it’s frustrating because once you’re engaged you can’t shut it off you can’t back away and you’re bound to lose i As well as other team members have complained to EA about this problem and to date  have  seen no change I haven’t been satisfied with anything that you may have done   We not only lose the game but we lose suppliers we don’t win the big prize so we have out-of-pocket expenses all of which should be refunded to us we all want reparations from you  we not only lose the game but we lose supplies we don’t win the big prize so we have out-of-pocket expenses all of which should be refunded to us we all want reparations from you EA  So get your heads out of your you know what and get something done about the hackers  

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current war: looked very simply, so low war level to all the opponent... and then..


level 17 player, 37 (!!!) magnets thrown in 4 hours

level 5 player, 3890 (with jack) points using cornucopia


gone to the level 5 player details, 

- 8500 people

- level 1 in major contest

- level 5 in war

- ONLY 4 ATTACKS UNLOCKED. "little hand", then "magnet" level 7, "cornucopia" level 7, "deadly grip" level 7


if EA doesn't kick these people, how good player can go on in gaming and spending at their will? I will not spend an Euro till I find cheaters like them that reach for the same target with no money and no commitment


is there any place to alert EA to investigate? this is the first game (where you can even play using money) where I can't find the alerting service. Not possible that EA, than want to earn with it, has no way to get alerts and kick cheaters

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think we have the same opponent. Lava arena, all the opponents have rank 1. One of them thrown 37 magnets in 4 hours, another one with 8500 people throws "cornucopia" level 7 with 3850 points. disgusting
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@ing_mamo  those aren't cheaters and also don't deserve any kicks. The problem here is that the game is designed in slowing your progress, when you more advance, the game tries to slow you more, the developers are mentally obessed with this, that's why i never level up anymore, more levels more items to care, more differents tasks for CoM, more regions = more items, more hard tasks, etc. Is like when you upgrade you storage and you now need more storage pieces that you need to have there making space so you don't even feel the extra space you got. In wars is the same, you need 8000 points for the first blue chest, 16000 second one and 32000 the third one, even when i have some good disasters, is really hard get those points, is a lot of money, time, etc... Then at the final (2 days waiting for this) you got 2 golden keys, 400 war points, 1 freeze, 3000 coins (useless when you spent like 100 000 coins in one war, is just a scam) , and finally 3 cards of not in kansas, if is common, are 7 cards of plant monster or other. You need like 6 years if you want to upgrade to a lvl 12 at least one disaster with this method. This is soooo wrong! So, first time when i saw guys like this my reaction was bad, but these days i understand that is the way actually if you want to grow in war in this game. These guys just decide to leave their groups for a while a go to low arena and enjoy chests, so those guys you mentioned just want chests, they get golden chests with those points, even that! They spent time, money and a lot doing that, again, is a really bad designed. Also in low arena some boosters are locked, so some chests don't waste space in this and give you cards, that's the reason why they have good disasters, because they're nomads who jump between low clubs claiming chests and easy cash until they feel enough stronger to go back to a real arena for they, this is acceptable, your decision, legal, and harrd to say is incorrect or bad when you know how this game slow down your progress, actually many clubs in high leagues have their secondary club in low arena to switch. The problem here is the unbalance, time by time you have to face guys like this, but is not the players fault, is the bad design of this rewarding system.


I actually want to do the same thing, but i'm good in my club and we are 10 so if one of us leave they can't start more wars, and players are uncommon in high league. 


About that they have only 2 disasters unlocked, is the same thing, actually , you want to do the same, the amount of golden keys are just stupid, you need 80 keys for lvl 6 --) lvl 7, then 100, 120, and this the common one, you need more for rare and legendary, so, again, is gonna take you YEARS to level up all your disasters to lvl 13 or 14, keep it mind golden keys = vu items, since the fastest way to get keys is launching vu disasters, and this vu items are terribly uncommon, is already a pain gain enough for CoM, just imagine how many keys you need,  oh my god... So is better if you choose only 4 disasters and you just upgrade those, then when you need 200 for one level and you have those keys you gonna remember me and say thanks to that guy in the forum!! 


In any other game, when you're stronger you go to fight with stronger opponent cuz that give you good rewards and is fun, and when you beat a "noob" you either don't receive points or the rewards aren't good. In this game that doesn't work, if you beat a big one you receive scam, and your reward is better if you abuse the little guys in low leagues, that's the reason my friend , the reason that so many complaint about monsters players in a noob area.

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Well said BlazinsZ...then you come across legitimate hackers and those pain in the behind individuals that just run away and hide. From what’s been shared with me from folks I’ve known for a while, it’s off to the next war in a different club with their 2nd or 5th city while their opponents wait, watching nothing happen and never will - and this is “fun”? I simply have difficulty understanding this business model.


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All hackers cheat only by playing 0pb (android / data / simcity / files / 0.pb) content that includes game data (including account cloning and card level maximum level 15).
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