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by kimmmah

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Hi AbdullahFAK,


I’m sure it was not your intention but posting in the forum in bold letters is considered yelling and is very much frowned upon. Just wanted to give you a heads up for future posts which I look forward to reading. Take care.

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We seem to encounter cheating clubs every other game, you can immediately tell the difference as every single attack is magnetism, the only variety is the level 10 overkill as the final attack. The only time we have beaten cheaters is when they failed to use strategy as well as cheating and even then we only just won (it helped having more players). IMO its pointless playing in this climate. I know that EA put some cheaters on their own server but as there seem to be so many can you just put those players not cheating on their own server, it will be a smaller task I feel.
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I’m with GermanMayor1982, no comment to the limiting of attacks being used every 4 hours smh🤦‍♂️Someone clearly hasn’t played for a top 200 club lol.

In regards to launching nothing but mags, again that’s not a guaranteed hacker. It could be someone with multiple feeder cities, their club wins a lot to buy items with war cash and/or like mine we have a guy with a lvl 8 mag attack from the cards he’s bought. We feed him mags when possible because his is so much stronger, makes more sense for him to use them.

I use a ton of plant monster attacks, mines lvl 8, my club feeds me items for that. It can also be a strategy. Now if you’re up against a club or 25 members and every single one of them is launching all mags, that may be fishy, but even then any player doing that is probably a top 20 club with multiple feeder cities.

Just throwing it out there, I launch 10-15x mags a war and don’t cheat, just have a club of solid teammates that work together. Best of luck to ya
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Thanks @HumboldtsClub, I am glad you agree with my no comment-comment Standard smile

There are two major problems:
- cheaters, who hack energy, out themselves under the dome and so on
- people who proudly call themselves "bug-users".

EA definitely is able to move cheaters (hackers) to the Cheater island (not forever, as I found it - there is always a way back unfortunately). But EA cant really deal with bug users. All the teams, that duplicate the war items and shoot 400 magnetism attacks every war usually spend thousands dollars/euros/whatever to upgrade their war cards - so as long they spend real money, EA won't bann them. It's all about business and making money, nothing personal.

So every team has to decide, what's the best way to have fun. Me and my team decided to stay away of top 100 and play in the ligue around 200-300, there is still a chance to have fun playing against FairPlayers.

PS: don't forget, summer is on its way: also the cheaters and hackers will realize that it's much nicer to grill with friends outside, instead of glueing to the phone Standard smile

Best of luck to everybody
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My team has posts above showing screen shots of a cheating team. They are able to turn their dome on and off at will, popping out to attack and quickly ducking back under a dome. If you look at the posted war logs, we have the president under a dome with only 8 damage but he's popped out multiple times to score thousands. I will not purchase more Sim cash or war cards until EA resolve this.
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While it’s extremely frustrating to to encounter cheaters you are doing absolutely no good with your repetitive posts...for any action to take place you must report through the in game help section under report a player. We all share your concern, but the first post made your point...

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Sorry Pinnacle we spoke with an EA agent live and they told us to post here and to have all of the team post. They said the more people the better. We also did report in game.
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How long will EA allow the cheaters to continue? I’m done spending good money while they allow it and don’t address this issue. Read back in in this post it’s been going on a long, long time. 


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I use Mag and Movie until I'm out of items. Then I regroup. I beg, borow and plead for the red stuff, lol. 

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Wars was fun until cheaters came in. Top 100 is a great idea but I must say, that's what the cause of all this is. I wouldn't want EA to take it away but something has to be done about it. Make more than 1 top 100 list if possible, add disasters or remove some.. What then would happen to mayors who already put in real money.. Whatever EA wants to do about this, they should seek our opinions maybe with some kind of in game vote or on this forum - from a President loosing interest in the game gradually Frown
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