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by PinnacleValley

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Hi guys!

    This situation are really critical now! A lot of clubs are unhappy because of cheats in war. For example our club had previous war. And our enemy was cheats. 1. They made more energy in start. there were 11 energy items. But enemy made 8 magnets!!! it is 16 energy. Im not bad in math. And it is so unrespecting!!!! 2. Also they used catastrophe - magnetism in 80-90% of all shots. How did they get do a lot of hydrants????We are not bad club! We are working hard and we are preparing for war very good!!! But we can't keep so a lot!!! They cloned it by programms. Of course they won war. It was not surprisingly......

   Now we have another war. And what do you think?? They are also cheats)))) They have 10 level of catastrophe. I would believe that it is honest.. but they don't shot. And other friendly club told the same. They are not so active as our club. But they have so high levels))) Don't cheat us!!!! Why do  EA command  not make something with it??? Block? Ban? Sent to another server. And they would play and have war with each other!! It would be fair! 

I understand that I must write to support with screenshots and tell them all. We did it during previous war. And we still do not get answer. I guess so I must to write now again about new club also??? But who will return for us all that we lost??? Answer me! Please!!! What we need to do??? Can EA command find all cheats and do something finally???

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Unfortunately, you are not alone.  Our club reports cheaters weekly now.  EA support does little to keep honest players in the loop about what is being done.  Honestly, the best thing you can do to send a message to EA is not play.  And certainly do not pay for card packs that get you nowhere against cheaters.


Right now we are playing Koreana who has somehow managed to defy time and get more Energy than is possible.  Also, they only use Magnetism....every player, every attack, level 3. 


Impossible? No.  Improbable?  Definitely.


Wake up EA!  Or shut down wars and refund our money.  Obviously, it's not working out too well for your honest customers.

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Hi! I play the game since the very beginning and think that the war feaurure is really great! Especially fort those, who already have built their cities. (PS: never won megalopolis league in CoM, even though I participated almost in every season and chose only the tasks with the highest amount of plumb points. Maybe need more luck...).

Our club has lost a lot of wars but we never thought it could be cheater. How is this possible? We always thought "they are just better organized", or "they have more active players, then we do". And never thought of reporting a Club just by losing the war.... Now we are much better, have 21 active players and we basically win every war (ok, still in top 1000 and not top 100), but we have fun working on strategy etc. Many of us have magnetism Level 4, because we pay for card packages and we love to use them: does it mean we cheat? Why is everybody reporting a club after losing a war? I think, what is more important, that EA fix the dome (bubble) problem: we often played against clubs, which decide to stay under the dome for 35 hours!! (Just after the first attack). Don't know what's the funto repair 9/10 and wait until the war is over, but EA should really put a time limit. 12 hours and afterwords we can attack? As I understand many mayors complain about that "strategy".
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We know they are cheaters because they expend more energy than is possible at the beginning of the campaign.  It's not possible for one player to use 7 or 8 Magnetism attacks in the first 15 minutes of the war.

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Hi lelik19900,

You have touched on 2 major issues in the war games and contingent where you are at the moment dictates which one is more important. The bubble issue is frustrating but it is legal, our intent is to propose a “shot clock” that is fair for all parties which is why I press for 18 hours. 

As far as cheating is concerned, it is illegal - it’s a liability to the the game, it creates dissolution for active players and it’s just plain wrong. Until you have faced teams that take shots and immediately hide in the bubble, who build energy at a rate that is well beyond normal, who shoot you while you’re conducting repairs inside the bubble, etc. it’s difficult to determine what is more important.

Simply put, the documentation that has been provided and subsequently removed from this forum has shown a clear picture of what’s taking place and the good news is EA is slowly and methodically addressing the issue one report at a time.This is about so much more than a club being upset because they lost. Good luck to you and your team.

(PS: I’ve played the game since the beginning as well and have actually won the Megalopolis level a few times prior to the exploits running wild in CoM).

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@PinnacleValley ok, I'll do so! I never could imagine HOW one could change the energy and i am sorry you guys experienced that! But yes, I'll keep an eye on that ! The question is why doesn't EA ban those people? Frown

Any advice for winning megalopolis except choosing the tasks with the Hughes amount of points? I have never won, not even one time! Frown Sometimes I think it's a Game Policy: if I'm in any way paying for simcash, they don't give me enough high points tasks - so I buy even more simcash.
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Hi lelik19900,


I missed this, I’m sorry. I wish I had a good answer for you but with the “short cuts” folks are taking its not simple. The last time I invested the time and energy into trying to win the Megalopolis level I scored 108K and had a 4K lead with 15 minutes left - when I returned from work I still had a 4K lead on who was in 2nd place. The winning mayor put up 35k in the last 15 minutes and finished at 127k and the 2nd place finisher put up 30k to finish at 118K. To this day I don’t know how you can put up that many points in such a short time span...legally. Since that point I just play for the points needed to get the next level chest for the club.

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I spent a year at Megalopolis level and never won.  Got close a few times, but honestly it was not worth the "stress" that is created.  I dropped CoM and I've never been happier.  Now we're on to a new set of problems with war and the cheaters there.  It's really a shame that EA won't do more.  I've been playing this game for years and this is the first time I can really say I feel like they truly are not listening.  I think I'm just about done with SC unfortunately.

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Hi Pinnacle

Thanks for the answer ! Yes that happened to me quite often: somebody made 30k within last 30 mins, which I think is really impossible.
For me the only reason to win megalopolis league is platinum keys, so from this season I decided to stay In the league as long and to to enough tasks to be in the first 50. So after 10 weeks I'll have my 250 platinum keys and I'm done Standard smile Everything else is too much stress and simcash, I have to spend to complete tasks like 3xTokio deliveries.

Have a great day!
PS: we are playing against a team, where only 4 people out of 23 are playing. Frustrating !
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Hi ttony1973,

I really hate to hear that, this is suppose to be relaxing and fun and not stressful and frustrating. The war games have brought in an element of players that quite frankly are in the process of destroying the game. Before the advent of the mayor’s clubs all you had to be concerned with were feeder cities and the consortium - it was a challenge but you knew every week you had an outside shot. Today, not so much if you want to maintain your integrity. There is an element of the game you enjoy, focus on that if you can. For me, it’s the sharing and the fellowship with the wonderful folks in our club, trying to honor the memory of our late President by keeping her dream alive, learning and sharing with the great folks in the forum, and with the stubborn resolution that economics will force this game to be cleaned up. Best of luck to you my friend on any decision you make.


Hi lelik19900,

As frustrating as it is for you guys it’s probably more frustrating for them. I don’t know how far in the battle you are but be cautious, you may have only seen the first wave...time zones can be tricky especially when competing with global teams. Good luck.

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