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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

by bmbraga

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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

★★★★ Novice

I definitely agree that the ship orders are suddenly much more demanding.  I've always filled every order in the past, but yesterday for the first time I didn't even bother to try; what they were asking for was just ridiculous. 

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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

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The difficulty and delay of winning tokio items made the game lose the will to play.

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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

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★★★ Newbie

Well.. its an interesting game.. But i guess there is a lot of things missing.


* First everything requires tons of cash to buy from global market.. and what you get from the city tax, and from building houses compared to what you pay is not enough ..

* Second, the golden keys, it hard to combine and expensive to buy with, the ship for example gives you only 1 golden key.. i mean come on, you spend hours waiting for the product to be produced just to earn 1 golden key... and you can't buy any landmarks with it.. cheaper one is 12 golden keys.

* City storage, which is annoying to hell, why do you put the item needs for land purchasing and Dr. Dre items in the city storage.. no one can produce, update, or do anything when the storage is full, for example to upgrade your land you need 8 / per item, 8 * 3 = 24, that only for land upgrade, didn't mention City storage update, and Dr. Dre items.. i guess these 3 should be separated that will make the game more interesting and easy to play.

* Last update, make the game crashes alot, and its kind of heavy, specially on iPad 2, you feel like its not light as it was..




Other than that, its a fantastic game, and really enjoy playing it.



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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

★★★★ Novice
The updates is a complete JOKE!!! 17 hours airplane. Oh my.... I can't build anything for Tokyo. The reward is horrible. I'm getting more for my cargo ship. Don't get me started on Dr. Vu...... Seriously 1 key? The HQ????? Sadness....

Please tell me your fixing these issues. I'm getting bored.....
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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

★★★★ Novice
So far, my airport is available for loading when I'm asleep. That' not remotely convenient. 17 hours is too long between shipments. How long is the loading time window?

Regarding the global trading HQ....... Confirmed for being EA troll. Omg this is no question the most frustrating part of the game. I have 2 trading HQ groundhog scenarios...... Rarely is something available for purchase when you get to the sellers HQ and a lack of variety of items for sale, none of which are ever needed by me, coincidently. Remove the live market aspect and make it all bots. No updates done so far, have made the market any better. I've been playing since the first roll out, this is not a good market system.
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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

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At this point I wouldn't recommend anyone who is short on funds to pony up for the airport. It is pretty worthless the way it is set up at this point. Very demanding orders to fill, 17 hours between planes (why is a plane slower than a ship?), and 1 reward item for completing the shipment. And that item is not even very valuable. If you're lucky, it will be one you need to build your Tokyo residence up one level.


The GTHQ is still pretty much unusable.


The rest of the changes seem good. Load time and city to city travel is faster (but for what good when they don't have the item you were after), though I'm seeing more crashes out of game while "shopping".


Still the question....Why did we go to 1 key per Vu building? Things are slow enough that it should not be necessary to wind it down to a snail's pace using slow key generation and an even slower airport usefulness.

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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

★★★★ Newbie

My thoughts, for what it's worth, about the update:



•Animation I don't know about you, but part of what makes the game fun for me is the animation. The addition of the frequent blimp appearances is really quite wonderful. And although I have only completed one shipment via cargo plane, I love the airport. To me, it's well worth the money just to see the planes take off and land. (I have yet to see a blimp and a plane have a near-collision, though). Really great job, EA guys!

•Dr. Wu challenges. The option to request new disaster demands was exactly what was needed.

•Marketplace. The marketplace shows more variety. I'm not among those clamoring for a search function. First of all, I think the challenge of the game dissipates if you can buy items too easily. The priority should be building them and training the player to be patient. It also requires a certain level of skill and I also think the search function won't solve the biggest problem: The high-demand items (such as dozer blades) will remain impossible to get because they will be grabbed before you get to the person's marketplace.

•Little changes. The new dialog boxes, the checkmarks next to selling suggestions, the new way rewards pop up are all nice changes for the better.



•Crashes. The game crashes more on my iPad when I go to the marketplace. I'm sure this is a bug fix.

•Shipping demands. This has got to be the No. 1 annoyance for me right now. Every once in a while, I get a shipment demand that is impossible to fulfill. 44 nails? Really? As others have said, getting one key for these shipping orders makes it hardly worth it. Yes, programmers  can increase the demands a notch higher than before. But why not up the rewards too? 

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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

★★★★ Novice
Total waste of 120,000

This thing is useless
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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

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★★★★ Novice
I Would first like to say thank you, I have really enjoyed playing buildit. It has been a good looking, not to complicated game which plays at a good pace. I have no problem with the globe trade HQ, if you can pick up what you need when you need it, there is no game and EA need to make there money from somewhere.

I have got to lvl 51 and have been playing for a little over 2 months. I have still have about half the board to unlock and a load of upgrading, so quite a lot to do.

The new update is dreadful. Tokyo Town I am sure would look good (airport looks great) but I can't be bothered to go to the effort to upgrade. The timings are so wrong with the airport. Only being able to get 1 article at a time. It's no fun for me.

Only being able to get 1 key at a time. Having to provide so many more and higher lvl articles to get a upgrade. The game is ruined for me. I only play for 5mins here and there. It is now so long and drawn out. I still had so much to do. The old pace of the game was great. Unless something changes soon I don't think I will be playing much longer.

I don't mind paying money to get blades when needed and have done. So you would be losing a paying customer.

PS. Game now always hangs up when going to other city's, was not like that before update.

A unhappy Mayor
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Re: Tokyo Town is now live!

Champion (Retired)

@AmeliaEA -- I've waited a few weeks to comment on the changes just to ensure that EA had a chance to fix any obvious bugs, and to ensure I understood the changes before commenting.


Airport: It looks nice, and definitely belongs in the game.  A minor concern is that perhaps the artists could have researched airports a little more, or at least asked a seasoned pilot or two if anything was wrong with the appearance.  One example is that the runway should have numbers on both ends, and those numbers should match the numerical compass directions with the last digit removed.  For example, a runway that is due south would be runway 18 (180 degrees, minus the last digit), and the same runway from the other direction (due north) is runway 0.  Another concern is that I've observed an arriving plane and a departing plane cross in the same airspace.  This doesn't affect gameplay, but could be somewhat disconcerting to survivors of air disasters.


Blimps:  I can actually see them over my city, instead of way off on the edge!  This was a definite improvement.


Global HQ error messages:  The llamas need better accounting practices!


Trading system in general:  Why not fix the major issues with the Global HQ?  This band-aid isn't going to do the job when major surgery was called for.  If you need someone to walk you though the changes that need to be made to make this system work correctly, I will be happy to do it.  You can pay me in premium currency!  Meanwhile, the trading system is extremely frustrating to use, especially for buying items that are needed, and is probably the major cause of players leaving the game.


Tokyo Town:  I haven't completed enough of this to give an opinion yet!




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