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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

by __OIIIlO__

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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I agree.  Makes me want to delete the game the way it is now.  I don't need to see 10 copies of the same item for sale. 

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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10-80-160 are the only # of tokens needed for each tier, anything in between does not help.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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I've had all these problems as I'm sure a lot of users have. I'm quitting another Epic build after silver because there is no way I'm going to complete 18 ladders over three requests in the next 8 hours. Plus all that time would net me 4 epic points. Yesterday I had the same issue with three requests for Frozen Yogurt at the same time, which would have netted me 4 epic points.

I'm sure this will get worked out (remember the first month of the Dr. Vu upgrade) but it can take a while before anything is offered.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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Do Silver/Gold epic buildings look different than Bronze? Not that I will ever achieve either with the insane requirements.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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It is stupid. But Silver is possible if you waste enough time and resources. I made silver in less than 4 hours, but using just about every speed up token I had, and stockpiling gold and items first. Of course the game makes it useless when it throws 3 of 4xPaints, 5x Bacpack, 2xBackpack all at once, then 4xLawnmower (needs paint). I cannot make that much of the base material in the time allowed, let alone the items, and it's virtually impossible to buy them (in 4 hours I managed 2 successful buys of chemicals and 1 of cloth).


seriously contemplating just ignoring gold.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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I have seven epics. I was off work when I started the first two and they took forever. I got the first one to gold, barely. The second one was silver and was so close to gold I was pissed I didn't get it. The rest of them I got to silver in an hour or less, then gold playing off and on some, but not too long. I spent way too many simoleons on them though. The last one I made was silver on purpose as a test to see which building I would get. 


I feel lucky on the last few. These things are too complicated to get. 

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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I managed Gold in under 12 hours. But it was non-stop, and cost all my gold and speed-ups, and had to sell most of my saved expansion tokens, and makes me never want to play again. Now if you'lol excuse me, I'm going to the toilet.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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For comparison's sake, I have only been able to upgrade to 4 Epic Project buildings.  3 are Silver and the 4th is a bronze.  Getting to Silver takes most of the 24 hour period to reach, mostly because of duplicate Tasks of high production items.

Gold is unattainable for me.


 (I'm completely disappointed in how little value high production items have with regard to the amount of points they earn from Epic Project Tasks.  High production items should bring more value than low production items but apparently, it's all "nilly-willy" and the the game prefers to insult players by having some Tasks, for example, require something like 2-3 bags of Cement for 3 points while 5 Backpacks are evidently only worth 1 point.  Or even duplicate Tasks that earn differing points.  If 2 different Tasks are both requesting 4 Corn then both Tasks should have equal pay-out; Not 1 Task earns 3 points while the other earns only 1 point.)


I'd like to see the expected city performance requirements for Epic Project completion capability.  I'm guessing I'm right in the "Silver Category" with my meager city stats...


My city has a population of 796,607 ("Income: 20,623 in 24h").

My City Storage is up to 350.

I have 10 Mass Production Factories.


Commercial upgrades are as follows:


3 out of 3  :  Building Supply Store

3 out of 3  :  Hardware Store

2 out of 3  :  Farmer's Market

1 out of 3  :  Furniture Store

1 out of 3  :  Gardening Supplies

1 out of 3  :  Donut Shop

1 out of 3  :  Fashion Store

0 out of 3  :  Fast Food Restaurant

0 out of 3  :  Home Appliances


I'm going to assume that having maxed out upgrades on production facilities and Nano-tech Factories will be the optimum viability for obtaining Gold Epic Project completions?

I still have a way to go for that.


Also, I'd love to have the option to synchronize all of the Epic Buildings.  From what I've seen so far, they produce their Token pieces at times relative to the tim the buildings were upgraded.  I'd prefer to be able to collect the coins all at once, and not scattered throughout the day.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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Hmmmm, I made gold in under 12 hours with less than that, so I'm thinking that isn't the determining factor in epics. I've tried in the past (transport) and had troubles as I only have 4 transport specialities, but when I did beach, (of which I have heaps) it was much easier. With transport I only had 4 tasks at a time, with the beach I had about 8 or 9 concurrently, so even when I had three seperate tasks at the same time, each needing 4 paint cans, I still had other tasks to do while the paint was being made. Same goes for harder tasks which take a lt longer - always 2 or 3 I could do while others cooked. I have 11 beach items, and there were always a couple not with tasks. At least 5 are high point items (3 epic points per task). I think this is the key.


I started with 40k gold, finished with about 5k, and did a factory upgrade along the way as part of that. I did have to sell a lot of special tokens to keep cash flowing, and always sold excesses of what I bought. I even made a few k from selling steel constantly. I did have to use a few speed up tokens I had, though given I did it in less than half the time, it's probably not as necessary, especially if you can stock up first.


My population is under 550k, income 19k odd each 24hrs, 9 factories. That said, while it is possible to do, it was a most frustrating and unpleasant experience and one I'm keen to avoid doing again - I just wanted to see how I could do. If you want to do it, you should find it relatively easy if you stock up gold - 100k should be fine, ensure you have a lot of specialisation properties (preferably high value ones), and stock up on long build items in storage first.

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Re: These Epic Projects Are A Bit Ridiculous

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Agreed. This could have been the best update yet.

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