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Strategy for managing storage

by al1quis

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Strategy for managing storage

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I'm already at level 22, but my storage capacity is still stuck at 260, since I haven't paid any real money to upgrade anything in the game (so far). Currently, 188 items in my storage are expansion or disaster items. That's 72% of the overall capacity. This is because I need 23 of each storage expansion item for the next level, 13 of each beach expansion item (3 squares left), and up to 17 of each city area expansion item (12 squares left). And of course, since the Bonsai Tree is by far the most commonly awarded Tokyo Town Zone item, but almost never used (why is that?), I currently have 35 of them. It would have been more, but I recently had buildings needing them for the first time, and spent 6 of them (I had started wondering if they were ever needed).


Anyway, with only about 70 slots for raw materials and products I constantly run out of space, and sell off everything but the most essential. The batches rarely get larger than 3 items. I fear leveling up because I'll have even more item categories competing for space.


How do the rest of you manage this? Here are a few thoughts I had:


  1. Focusing on only one expansion at a time. For example, I could sell off all land expansion and storage expansion items until I've bought all the beach area. It would significantly increase my available storage but I think that it would also slow the game down a lot since I can't work on things in parallel.
  2. Selling off anything not needed for the next upgrade. For example, I now have 5 lifebelts and 15 ship's wheels. I could keep the number of ship's wheels at 13 until I've gained enough lifebelts. It wouldn't affect when I get the next expansion, but it would slow me down in the long run.
  3. As soon as I've gained enough of a certain kind of expansion item, spending a lot of time at the market buying what's needed for the next upgrade, so that I'm down to zero items in that category again. By doing this I should be able to keep the average low, but it would of course require a lot more of my time.

In general, selling expansion items seems wasteful. Since I can't stockpile, I often end up in situations where I need to buy the missing products to make it before the plane leaves. That's often more money than I can get from selling the item afterwards. And even without buying, the total money I could get from selling the products instead of loading them onto the plane in the first place is often higher than the price of the award item.


I know that managing the storage is meant to be one of the objectives of the game, but in my case it's the single difficulty I have. Hence, I'd like to hear if the rest of you solved it in some clever way.

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Re: Strategy for managing storage

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As there's no answer yet, I started spending a lot of time at the Global Trade HQ. So far, I've increased my storage capacity from 260 to 280, bought one land expansion and two beach expansions, and purchased as many lanterns and lucky cats as I could to build Tokyo town zones, so that I went from 35 to 21 bonsai trees. Unfortunately, I've thus leveled up to 23 and have two new item categories in the storage. Besides, I had to spend almost all simoleons in the process and have only 13,000 left.


My current strategy is to buy the last piece of beach area, and then get rid of all beach expansion items. After that, I'll go for the remaining 11 pieces of land (which will of course take a while).


However, I'm still interested in hearing what others are doing to use their storage efficiently.

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Re: Strategy for managing storage

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You are going about it all wrong. If you don't need it, sell it. Make money. Produce high priced items and ONLY sell un-needed FINISHED items. ie.. don't sell cheese, but sell pizza. Expand as you go. In other words, once you can expand, do so, right away. I have only 110 storage and have a population of 1.5 million with 720,000 simileons. When building/upgrading you should always purchase the over produced/selling items and produce yourself the items required that you rarely see on the market. One more bit of advice, when in the market, click on anything if the item you need is not displayed as more often then not, I purchase most of the items I need when I am going to as many cities as possible.


Good Luck

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Re: Strategy for managing storage

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You don't need to hold onto those 35 NeoTokyo trees. I would give anything to have them come on the market. Whenever I have several extra of an item I sell it. Take a section of the beach or a quadrant of land, I only save enough tokens for the next one. If I start to get too much of one of the three items I start to sell it. If you got so much of that item in the first place it is bound to be the one that will come back first when you are saving for your next area. I got the entire beach very quickly just saving for one section at a time.


Your storage will get glutted with tokens even when you are doing one update at a time. I had almost enough for a section of land and almost enough for a storage update. I got the rest today and now my 260 storage is down to 180 just like that. And I will start to save for those two things again. Don't worry about selling. They always come back. I have always had an excess of Dr Vu  gloves and never enough remote controls. So I sell a few gloves a week. And I still always have too many. Hope this helps.

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Re: Strategy for managing storage

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I am at level 61 right now. I also have a feeder city (which has grown to level 32 now). My storage is now 465, so note that I had a lot lower capacity at lower levels. I have kept storage to 125 on feeder.

What I write is based on my experience with both cities:

1. Focus on storage + one other expansion (beach/mountain/land). My suggestion is to get done with mountain/beach first after expanding land to some extent. I suggest expanding storage at all times since you keep needing it for everything anyway - war, vu, and what not.

2. If you are in a club, make an alliance with someone for helping each other in expansion. This way, you don't pass off items to global, but help someone to expand and they help you. 

3. In our club, we also do even trades for such items (beyond alliances)

4. Currently I need 20 of each type to expand storage to the next level (i.e. 470). 

5. Even now, I have a policy of hoarding not more than 5 items of a type (unless the items are going to be used for a purpose). After every CoM, I sell off the items except those used for my routine coin making (more about this later). I don't hoard any basic items (feed, mineral, etc.) unless needed for an assignment / routine coin making.

6. Nowadays I have more scope to hoard vu. But I have never hoarded more than 10 per type in the past. During CoM you may add more just so that you have enough for Vu assignments.

7. I never hoard more than 5 of a type for airport items

8. I used to limit 10 of a type for war, but then slowly took it up to 20, etc. Just figure out a balance of how much of the storage you want to spare for war.

9. I have maxed my trade depot (32 crates) and all my stores (thats 11 slots each). I added slots to stores in order of commonly used stuff (fast food got maxed out last since it was least used)

10.  Routine coin making: This has to be changed with region upgrade, but this is what I have done so far:

     - factories reserved for textile

     - make flour, donuts (buy sugar, unless you make it at night)

     - make hammers, nails and then chairs

     - when chairs assembly is full, make shovels and glue

     - use shovels to make grass or saps

     - glue and textiles for shoes

     - at night, I stock up factories for chips and glass and make TVs in the morning. This takes care of this store for the day.

11. The above helps build up my sim coins. I have then used global market/club members to buy for my epic assignments (I hoard upto 5 of each item during Com to help epic, vu repairs, etc.)

Hope this helps. I am still figuring out the setup for regions, but I am going slow on the same purely because I first want to collect coins for the deluxe market (green valley) and then the rest.





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