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So hard to earn simoloeons

by MariSimCity

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So hard to earn simoloeons

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Why is it so hard to earn simoleons? It is taking me forever to get enough for fire stations and a school. Any tips?
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

★★★ Newbie
Glad its not only me. But theu really should lower the price of items or make earning simloeons easier. Like I seriously have trouble gettig above 10,000 simloens because simple things like road upgrades and fire stations and water towers cost so much.
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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If trading would work well it won't matter...but it doesn't Frown
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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Nah, it not the problem to earn simoleons - the problem is that you probably want to build city to fast. I've build my city to fast and didn't have enough money, sims every time complain and wanted something, then I've started to play agin from the beginning. Build only two or three houses, maxed them out, sold couple goods and earned some money. Then, again build another two buildings and maxed them out to skyscrapers. I'm on level 12 right now, got 100% coverage of any services like fire department, water, energy etc. My sims are always 100% happy and on my "bank account" there is over 100k simoleons and still making them (selling goods in different methods).

Couple days ago I've logged in to my old city (which is on 21st level), rebuild it, about 5 skyscrapers knocked down and my sims are happy in 95% Standard smile
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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An easy way to make Simoleons is to utilize the factories you have for the purpose of trading. For example, if you make it a habit to always have seeds manufacturing, you can sell them at 30 a piece, and bundle them in groups of five. I speak from experience when I say, they won't last long, and the money builds up fast. Also, maximize your park coverage. Go overboard even. The more people inhabiting the buildings, the more taxes they will pay, and the parks well keep them happy as well. Don't count on adding residential zones for more money, or people. Transportation, parks, and schooling will all boost your headcount, and before you know it you'll have enough money to move forward. As an example, I've got 17 buildings, am on level ten, and just over 67k people with thorough park coverage. It can be done, don't give up!!
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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Thanks for the great tip.  I did what you suggested in your comment and I only built 3 residential zones first.  My sims are happy at 95% or better, my simoleon income is above 20,000 and I am only at level 3.

Please let me know how you faired when you got to hospital and education levels since they take 60,000 simoleons each. 

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

★★★★ Novice

1. Always do those pop-up deals when you can, remember you've unlimited time and resources so those deals are free money.

2. Pre-build the items for shipment so when they arrive you can fulfill it quickly and essentially cut down wait time on next shipment.

3. 100% happiness is your goal, 99% means something is wrong/ missing...i.e. a road might need to be upgraded.

4. Luxurious (Orange) homes is important,  increase your populations vertically by building parks, specialization (which goes back to #2)



When you reach higher lvl...start thinking about all clean tech, recycling center, deluxe sewage plant, solar plant..etc with zero polution they

can free up alot of the valuable land..Wink

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

★★ Apprentice

In terms of taxes, 99% or 100% is the same. I like to have 100%, but the taxes will still be 20% with 99 or 100.

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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Once your city is stable at 99 or 100% then trade seeds and chairs. They always sell instantly. You're looking at 1800 simoleons an hour. Taxes are a waste of time.


Pop-Up deals can be great. But don't be afraid to cancel off large orders. You may get a 3,000 or 4,000 simoleon order (8,000 - 17,000 at higher levels), but it would take so long to complete you could complete 5 or 6 smaller deals for far more in the long run.


I'm at 337k simoleons at the moment.

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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most simoleons come from trades. One way to do it is selling high value items to Daniel. Donuts seems working well where I am as they really need only basic resources and two fast produce lines. And they sell for 9500 per stack. Fill all trading post with full packs of them and wait 48h for they get automaticaly sold.


It's good because it leaves other factories free to produce shipments/upgrades/disaster items.


This can be done with anything. But most valued items are better as trading post has limited space. Check big coins deals. Take them only if they provide more value then trading max.

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