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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

by TreypointGames

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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It takes 48 hours to sell to Daniel? Someone on another thread told me 24 hours.
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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Here is a guide that has some great tips and tricks on how to make earn simoleoans:


It describes 3 different methods

  • Bulldoze method (the best one imo)
  • Donuts/Nails method
  • and trading

anyways, u should check it out bcuz it helped me alot. got over 250k right now using mostly the bulldoze method

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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The game sets a trap of fast expansion by giving us nearly unlimited residence zone.


Player can build a lot of residence zones, while the services are at very high cost. At about level 8-10, a careless player will have about 30-40 residence zone with , let me say, 3 fire house, 2 police house, and a lot of complaint about lack of sewage, power, traffic jam, ...


My advice is that, if you have the problem above,  TEAR DOWN low-level houses to about total biggest 20 houses and re-arrange services to save coins.


I have been at such situation and believe me, looking at a trash city will result in uninstalling the game. LOL


Check out my guide here for a better layout



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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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I don't have any problem whatsoever. I'm getting 13,271 per day in taxes and that's just doing nothing. I sell stuff in the depot, mostly donuts waiting for Daniel to show up and buy them. I rotate between building up residential areas and disasters. The former rakes in simoleans, the latter rakes in keys. I always keep on top of the cargo ship and don't let one sit too long.


The key for me is concentrating on one of three things - building up residential areas, rebuilding after a distaster, and loading up the cargo ship. I concentrate my manufacturing and businesses on producing items for one thing at a time. Once the disaster is cleaned up, time to put up more housing. When the cargo ship comes in, time to push goods to get it out of dock. Set a manufacturing goal, complete it, then move on to the next goal. Simple resource management will bring in simoleans and keys and keep your city humming. 

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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Best way I found to get large amounts of money, is to wait for the deals. The higher the level and the better the store, the items become more expensive.



10 x Donuts

10 x Bread

10 x Ice cream sandwich


Then you build your factories to produce the items that are requested.


Nails are really good to make money fast as they sell easily, It takes 50 min to get 10 nails, so $960 per hour x 12 hours, you'll make 11000.

However thats alot of playing time.


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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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I think you might find my Trading Tips video really useful!


I've spotted a few great ways to make money by being efficient and playing the market in the Global Trade HQ.


Here's a link to it over on YouTube; Trading Tips


If you find it useful, please leave a like or a comment over there and let me know!

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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I know I’m late however this may help, I found it useful to save up and wait. For example let’s say you’re level 11 and you want a Dep. ED then upgrade Res lots to the point when you are just about to hit 12 or whatever level, And wait so you’ll get money for upgrading Res lots and then you can save up to get fire stations police stations hospitals or whatever. And that way you don’t have to spend it all on police over time and go broke you just spend it all at once then save up and repeat until you are just saving for for the sake of seeing it grow. Also be prepared for the next level even if you don’t unlock a service you may unlock a Commercial upgrade which I say upgrade right away so you can get the things needed for an upgrade. I was level 15 and had 37,000 I was planning on getting a Dep, Ed I hit level 16 and bought a hospital so I could knock out the price of 2 clinics. and I had a bunch of Res lots that didn’t have a clinic so I had to save I left to go somewhere for around 3 hours came back farmed cash for around 15 minutes got that clinic. You can never expect to always have enough money to but everything you need (Unless you spend real money) so don’t expect to always have 100% remwill always be rough patches. I now have a Dep, Ed and Dep, Trans there’s another article on another topic you can just build a res lot then destroy it then build it again over and over good for both money and XP 

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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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I haven't gotten a school yet and I do see conversation bubble popup here and there but keep in mind, it doesn't hurt you in any way. I don't have a school yet and I am level 15 and my satisfaction is at 100%! So yes school is great but don't worry it's not a deal break! Good luck
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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That almost what was about to happen to me but then i slowed down the building and concentrating on resources and government buildings like schools, etc.
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Re: So hard to earn simoloeons

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I think the game was never designed to build as fast as you can and earn as much as you can. 
My school uses the game in Geology class because it takes planning and effort. You have to look ahead because especially in the beginning more and more is added and that cost ya! I am at lvl 68 now after 2.5 years of playing or so. Sure I would like to have more money, I am usually around 500.000... but even now I keep planning ahead. When I need a new hospital which cost 79.000, I make sure I save up to around 600.000 before I spend it. Saving can be done by selling items in the trading center, collect taxes and not spending money on new houses.


Few simpel tricks; Make hamburgers and Pizza's and put them on sale. They usually don't sell but put 5 up and 2 days later you have your 18k in your pocket. Sometimes you're lucky and have it sooner but mostly you don't. Do this with 5/10 items (so 1 or 2 slots). Use other slots to sell fast items. Instead of upgrading roads, move your buildings around. I for now have most of the time 2 roads that needs upgrading, but they don't have homes next t it. Therefor I do not loose taxes, have happiness at 100% and no more demands of upgrading roads!  This saves up a lot of money. Do note when you actually upgrade them, it usually goes crazy fast with new upgrades again. But this really works. I have it in my full capital and my regions! 


Besides that, be patience and work ahead of you. Before you need a new hospital, make sure you have the cash ready! Save up for the big ones instead of the little ones to cover more area. Sure it takes time but it can help. I never had polluting facilities (just factories) which means it cost more but have also more building space! For me this helped as well. 

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