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SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

by EA_Mai

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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also with latest update you may also find you no longer have access to global trading hq, the latest update has been kind enough to remove my ability to buy n sell items which means season score that looked like it was gonna be around 700k is now stuck at 610k. thanks to limited update testing before launch. 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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I have the same problem. With upgrade I've got a reward for at least 50 epic buildings upgrade. Now I have none any more and for 73 epic building you need s lot of time and resourses to build. Fix this immediatelly you thieves as competition is going on!

With upgrade game works properly only on my tablet. On smart phone 3 years old it freezes all the time and it is immposible to play any more.

I really considering to stop playing. In competitions and wars are lot of cheating and supervisors can't stop it. And now this * upgrade that is not working properly!

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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am also considering stopping playing mozg im level 89 now so think how many ads i have watched in that time n all that ad revenue and e.a seem to invest none in making updates work properly before launching them. Thinking it may be better to avoid e.a brand name in all future gaming purchases to avoid grief of them having big dreams but poor execution

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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The new update is underwhelming.


Epics already were a time consuming pain to build, and this upgrade makes them more difficult.  There is a big difference between 160 and 200.


The costs are higher, but the benefits are almost nil.


The expo feature is a way to waste resources for very little in return--it is almost completely useless.


Meanwhile the bugs in the Club Wars are still there and options to earn gold keys are few and time consuming.

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

[ Edited ]
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Am I stuck building an epic building in a region it chooses or can it be transferred to main city? My regions don't have near as many specialty buildings and will be pretty hard when there is only 1 or 2 entertainment buildings for instance. I had to move buildings from main city just to get a bronze token epic building. Plus it's now much harder with the increase in epic points needed

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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This is total fraud. Crap. I spent alot of real money on my epics. Now they are gone. This is a joke. And enemy players in war who wont update will have massive advantage. Its un ethical and i will demand full refund and will be quitting All do the samr
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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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All of our epic buildings are gone!!!!!!... Please tell me this can be fixed. I had a huge number of epics. This is not an acceptable lose here. Myself and club members are disgusted. FIX THIS PLEASE! I've been building for years and worked way to hard on those buildings. 


This entire update is a bust. You guys are starting to focus too much on way to get cash and its sucking the fun out of the game. The regional shipments are pointless. Another way to make a bunch of regional currency with nothing to even spend it on. I already had a bunch of that useless currency before the uodate. I had a contest task for 2900 regional currency today... that's just absurd. This update seems like it was created be people who dont really spend their time playing the game enough to really know what's interesting.


Then you gave us one new building to upgrade in regions and expect us to spend a whole fortune just to upgrade it. Doesnt seem worth it to me... 


Btw, I've been playing and spending on this game since 2016 just to put that out there.


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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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My 91 Epic buildings became 0! That is not funny at all!! Many in my club are considering quitting the game if this issue is not addressed. Also folks start getting contest tasks to build in regions not unlocked yet. Thought this was a bug fixed a while ago. 


Also the pricing in export HQ is too much of a rip off, more so than the cargo ship or Paris/London/Tokyo. 


Lastly when can we collect tax from the regions? It doesn’t make sense for them to be parasites on the capital city. 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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Yup total bs. I had 91gold tokens...i am prez of my war team...what about opposing players who wont update??? this is a cheat n unfair bs!
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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

[ Edited ]
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There is a major lag since the update. My teammates and me had all experienced the lags and crashes.


Please get this fixed ASAP.


Update: just read through the posts here and found that our epic buildings are gone! What? EA, do you have any idea how much effort and simeoleons I had put into building 135 epic buildings?


If you think I’m going to do anymore epic building, think again. You had just lost my trust with this flip-flop attitude of yours. How do I know whether you will take away the newly built epic buildings with another update?


Unless you bring back the the epic buildings, no way am I going to play the game for building anymore. It will be about war and getting club chest only, as my obligation towards my club, nothing more. I will not even bother about getting to top of CoM table because who knows when you take fruits of my hard work away AGAIN.

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