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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

by dragonmac11

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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Well this used to be a fun and enjoyable game but I think that EA have ruined this with the Epic Points requirements. You've just killed it really for me and, so it seems, many other players. The Regional Export HQ is confusing too. I wasted a CoM Ticket on an assignment for that

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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Luckily I've only been playing for a relatively short time. I may just find something else. I agree that Epic were already hard enough to acquire, I'll give it a couple of weeks and see how I feel

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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What the hell EA, you took our speed up coins, increased the amounts you need, increased the cost for everything, don't give us enough storage for anything, allow cheating in the game, you don't listen to any concerns anyone has. What the hell are you doing with our game, it's not better, in fact, it's worse than it ever was now. You haven't addressed the issues of cheating during war or in the game, you haven't addressed any issues with the storage and why are you increasing the costs on everything, don't you make enough money off this game and the other video games you sell. Come on EA get it together, the majority of us pay money to play this and  you can't even do right by us. That's terrible customer service 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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Since 1991, I have been occasionaly playing SimCity, and for more than a year the Buildit version. When talking about SimCity with old friends, it always makes remember good and funny old times. So, everyone who I know played the game are still sticky to it.

Whereas, the last updates reveal horrible indications about where the industry is going to. I agree with the complaints here and, furthermore, all the new features have no feasibility, add no extra fun, does not help players' actual lives, does add no improvement or fun to the contests or to any player rivalries. Nothing good but to much bad...

Btw, thanks for stirring up spending all the day to gain only 1700 regional simoleons and still there are 3 more tasks of the same kind in the seasonal contest. Still call it a "game"? No.

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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FYI for those Still with Epic Buildings issues. One account came back with update another account required a Delete an restore. Make sure you have a updated Facebook or Game Center Backup. 1.27.6 update.



i have recently noticed a Club Chat issue they are not in Sync across player Accounts. This is Very Bad in War clubs that relay message during war like Stay Shielded etc. This has not been an issue before. Please fix ASAP. 


Photos attach you can see Patriciaville in one and “you” in the other and how they are out of sync. No player is chat blocked.

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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I have $10m in the bank, however can't ever get any expansion items for sale.  How about you fix this bug so we can play these additional cities...

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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Let’s assume for a moment it’s an open market and everyone is looking for the same things and any Mayor’s Club of any measure shares expansion items within their ranks...obviously the demand far exceeds supply. There are still a few viable options, tap all conversation buttons within your cities or cities you visit in the market (you always get something) or perhaps open a city that may have an advertised item you may not be shopping for but has a gem unadvertised within (many mayors do this to balance the theoretical bots in the system) or join a supportive Mayor’s Club that’s willing to share. Good luck.

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.27.4

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Hello Mai,


As a long time player (5 years) I've seen many changes big and small come through the pipelines over the years, some fantastic others frustrating.


The most frustrating of all is the complete lack of transparency around each update. There needs to be a list of each change and bug fix for every update, as the most minor changes can drastically change the way we need to play the game.


For example, the latest update changed the way a player could claim the club rewards for contest of mayors... Previously if a player left the club they could come back to claim points before the next CoM started, but now this is no longer possible. Unfortunately the only way to find this out is with a bunch of players missing out on their prize! 


Oh and thanks for the addition of a top 25 in clubs for claiming challenge prizes a few updates ago... This little unannounced change completely changed the whole dynamic of the clubs and ruined what was once a great community spirit.


The changes I can get over, but there really really needs to be a proper change log for updates in the future, the current practice is dishonest, and unfair.

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