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SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

by EA_Mai

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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After playing the standard game from December 2017 for about 9 months, I started the club wars and it proved another addictive complementary aspect to the game.


The recent update including Regions is beautifully crafted; superbly thought out gameplay.  People's posts moaning and groaning about the need to go to market for locked regional items (to build/rebuild) is not a bug, but a challenge. The solution is to request other rebuild items or in War Deliveries, skip the item. The strategic option would be to have communicated with other Club members about which region to unlock, thereby having all Regions covered by Club members and your trading would included these items on top of the War items.


The additional 20 storage space is hugely helpful and a big incentive to get all possible Regional storage space (60 in total). I particularly like that I can store and move all my factories and parks, landscape, educational, gambling items etc to the Regions to save space in the Capitol City and boosting the Regional populations quickly to unlock the other Regions.


I actually came here to ask a question, not fly the flag for EA (although someone should as this is the finest strategy game ever made), so here it the Regions, how do I build a NeoBank? In the Region, tap on the NeBank icon and you see the word Build in gray how build it?


Thanks EA for the addictive challenge, wonderful graphics & animation as well as gameplay.  The only bug I can highlight is when hopping between shops/depots in the market place, the wrong storage items are displayed. This is noticeable by the unrealistically quick depot items on display. Closing the depot window and reopening it shows the real depot items. All too often, the erroneous depot displays shows the item sought as sold, but when closing & reopening the depot window...the item can really be present.


Thanks & regards,

MadKipper's Dorf 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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It is true that in the next update will come 2 new regions
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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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I wasn't going to respond to you, but since you keep copying and pasting this post everywhere, I might as well. 


The problem with your argument is that it proves too much. For example, if you making a game more challenging always equates to a better game, then why not make everything 1 million times more expensive, and why not randomly delete buildings. In my opinion, a good game is all about balance.


The reason why this update is awful is that it punishes people who have regularly played the game for a long time. If you are at a lower level you probably won't be hurt much by the update requiring you use more of your storage, because storage can be upgraded for pretty cheap. However, it costs me 66 items to upgrade my storage to hold 5 more items, and the more I upgrade it the more expensive it gets. We can calculate the actual cost by realizing it costs 99 dollars to buy 8500 simcash. Then we can say each storage item costs 18 simcash. So 18 * 66 = 1188. Since the updates took about 20 storage slots away, that translates to about 20*1188 = 23760. We can then translate this to dollars by saying 99/8500 = x/23760, or x = 23760 * (99/8500) = 276.73 dollars. 


You can keep copying and pasting you canned response on every single forum update post. You can keep saying that the people objecting to the update are "moaning and groaning". But at the end of the day, the fact is that this update is a pure and simple cash grab. I don't care how they word it, when a mobile game puts an update out that requires you to spend 276 dollars to put yourself in the same place you were before the update, I call it a cash grab. 


So have fun making excuses to for EA. I hope you spend enough money in game cover the cost of all the people like me who are walking away from the game. 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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I'm new to this forum stuff so not sure if I'm posting in the right place bug I have to things that should be considered in a future update... 1) I would love to see a filter added to the global market... Nothing worse than spending ages looking for things u need.... 2). I would like to see a club market added so outsiders don't take the things ur trading with ur club members... 3)... Something needs to be done about the shield strategy ppl use... Im in charge of a mid sized club (about 18 members)... We are from all over the globe... Our clubs average score is about 70000 per war... We are all active in the club at some point or other but our rating is just under 3000 and now we are coming up to clubs with fewer members that use this strategy.... Our last war the enemy totalled 11 ppl we nuked with a 20000 point lead they all bubbled. And we ended up losing by 2-3 thousand points... Fair enough if ppl wanna put money into this game great but understand not everyone is made of money... In the higher ranking ur coming up against club that are just that.. "pay to win" players... So mid clubs like mine don't have a chance against that... So something seriously has to be done to keep things fair for all.... Those that pay and those that don't. 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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@Stragoy I’m really impressed the thing you want to see in next update I hope the SimCity Buildit team will see this and maybe it will be added who knows.

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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I hope so.. Cuz it would make everything fair and... About the first two... It would save u so much time that u could actually get on with the game. 


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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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I've noticed a possible glich or maybe part of the new update... But in my last war I've noticed enemies attacking while still needing repairs.... Can anyone confirm this. 

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Update 1.24.4 - Regions are here!

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The regions is crap for the game. Have lost total interest in playing the game

cause no simcash are made from residental buildings

and the fish or leaf or whatever simeleons earned .. only comes from building residential buildings... the return is very low ... to use it to buy regional buildings.... ... 

future updates may make me change my mind 

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