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SimCity BuildIt Disasters Update is now live!

by AmelieEA

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Re: SimCity BuildIt Disasters Update is now live!

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I agree with some points mentioned here, I like the new roads, even if they force me to upgrade I take a park out halfway through the block and put a court off of the road. It hold back the upgrade for a good period of time.

I like the new vu tower, look and interactions, yes u should always get keys, so that should be fixed. But I like the look and new disasters. The vu items should sell for less in GTHQ and the vu tower upgrades are a little steep, 50k for the first one and 10k more each level, I have a level 3.

And finally, the constant thorn. Impersonally have no problem which the GTHQ. Especially recently I have been gaining lots of needed storage items cuz people have sold them to make money, there is many vu items on there but I feel and this city street think oops down in a month or so people will focus on the vu challenges more rather than scraping for money.

May I end in saying, polish it up a bit. And to those who lost hope of a good game, I have not spend a dollar yet!
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Re: SimCity BuildIt Disasters Update is now live!

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The best way to complain about this to EA is to write a review in the App Center and/or whatever the equivalent is for the Android. They will listen if the bad reviews start to add up.

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Re: SimCity BuildIt Disasters Update is now live!

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What happened to the music?! Half of the music is gone!! Before the disaster update there was four songs but now there is only TWO!! I want the music back I CAN'T play without it!! PLEASE fix this I beg you!! This only happened on ios BTW.
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