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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

by jaghoer

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SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

Community Manager

Hey Mayors, it's time to enjoy some fun in the sun with all new beach properties!



Join Contest of Mayors where you can now team up for rewards in Club Challenges. Then treat your citizens to white sand and crystal-clear surf with a luxurious new beachfront, where you can:

• Set a course for the shoreline of your dreams with the Waterfront Wharf and Yacht Club
• Relax by the pool and take in the sea breeze with opulent waterfront vacation homes
• Liven up your beach with the Sailing Club and build the Guardian of Sailors Statue to guide your sailors home
• Unlock high-end beach buildings in Contest of Mayors, Season 5
• Work together in weekly Club Challenge contests to unlock a Reward Chest filled with prizes

Thanks for playing, and don’t forget the SPF!

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

★★ Novice

Looking forward to do this challenge ...


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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

★★ Apprentice

will the club challenge chests requirements' be reduced when season starts? It is highly unlikely to achieve them on reduced amount of tasks

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice
I am agree its impossible to get the best chest in beginning of season (it is need 1,5 million for god's sake)
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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

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★★★ Newbie
I agree. They should do the chests on a sliding scale. Our group never seems to go higher than 20 people so even when our most active members are in the Megas, we only get about halfway to the Legendary chest. It's just not reasonable. Even if we gained 5 more very active members averaging about 100k each in the Mega, we still wouldn't hit 1.5 million points.
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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

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Really cool! I just set up my surfer beach. Though after an update, now when I click an expandable area to see what items I need, it opens and immediately closes the tab that should open. Furthermore, I enjoy that after the update the storage isn't a limited view of what seemed to be about 4x2 and is now 4x3 or something. Now, it is much better looking!

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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

★★★ Newbie
What is the island next to the contest of mayors island for? The one that looks like is still being developed.
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Re: SimCity BuildIt - Beach update

★★★ Newbie

i can join war club. how do that

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