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SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

by AmelieEA

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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I can only see version 1.2 in the Google Play store. When will it be updated to 1.5? I can't access the new Tokyo Town.


Also the Global HQ is still ridiculous. I do not need trainers or cement, but dozer blades.

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Re: ALERT: Global Trade HQ - Fine of 500 Sim Cash for next complaint

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If this were a high priority then the Global Trade HQ would be fixed and we would still be waiting for Tokyo Town.  Fixing Global Trade would probably take all of 100-200 developer hours to accomplish.  They're not fixing it because they don't WANT to fix it.

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Re: ALERT: Global Trade HQ - Fine of 500 Sim Cash for next complaint

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first of all how do u know there are 100 to 200 devs?
second of all they fixed the market 2 times already. they could fix it a third time. in my opinion the donut market was the best.
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Re: ALERT: Global Trade HQ - Fine of 500 Sim Cash for next complaint

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They said 100-200 developer hours not 100-200 developers big difference. This is by far the worst global trade market.
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Re: ALERT: Global Trade HQ - Fine of 500 Sim Cash for next complaint

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Agree, it's definitely worse... still no improvement in purchasing success, but with the added complication of dealing with more frequent app crashes when trying to trade.

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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What I see here of course is that if you don't want to spend REAL money here, then you really have to have patience. One trick I discovered is that when you seem to not get what you actually wanted, move out of the game and when you return, go diirectly to global trade. Do not click on the hats to see what you actually need... they won't be available at global when you do so. Another is, if you need an item, produce at least one or sell at least one, then you'll see, it'll appear on your selections on global... it's not assured, but basing on my experience, that's just what I do... Reached level 28 without a single real money spent. And I'm happy playing... when global doesn't seem to give me what I want, I switch to Sims freeplay, surely, when I do get back, it'll now be available...

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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I'm still having issues with the game crashing in the middle of game play from getting ready to upgrade buildings to just saying what items i want in the warehouse to the store to make the  items you name it and it still crashs at me at times not as bad as it was before but its still crashing and i have everything updated on my iPad 2 and iOS is completely updated as well. i have contacted the support numerous times through fb and i actually did recently again talkinga bout the crashing under my name of ladydeveil on fb. i haven't checked to see if it will connect me back to game center as that is what i have my game saved on for fear that it will say that it can't connect and then i wont be able to get all the various different stars or awards within game center for the game because of how far i am in the game. im not able to anything with the mayor league or anything about epic building. i only have about two because the game kept on crashing on me but during those time i had all the times needed to get me up to the turtle token adn that is not what i was trying to go for at all and due to the crashing i havent' been able to play as much. i just started up yesterday to try again and it happened again.what more can be done or am i missing something that i may need to do? so sick of this as i love the game and would play for hours and now i can't i think if anything you need to do something with the speed of warehouse stuff as well.


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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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@joyco13 wrote:

Hello EA Team!
It is very nice to hear that you are fixed some bugs.
I have ask to you. Please consider change the Global Trade buying model.
There is no possibilities to buy something, because there's so many people.
The idea of shelf with a few products for million users game it is not the best option.
Always when I click on product to buy then I see message "Something goes wrong" or product simple disappeared. It is very annoying.

Make stock exchange or something with product list with possibilities to filtered by type.

Regards, Jarek

A stock exchange is an inspired idea.  Why not provide pricing of object based on the number available globally and list the items categorically.  Search and filter are too easy-mod for my taste, but creating general trade categories with sliding, supply-based pricing has some serious potential.  Of course that would take some thought, insight, and wicked programming.  I'm not sure EA has any employees left that are up to the task.  Or do they?  I guess we'll find out.

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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@masgharnia wrote:

I agree! This is such a pain. As soon as you go to buy something it's no longer available.

What?  You don't like the fact that if you buy an item in the GTHQ, it is no longer available?  Not sure how you intend that to work then.  Sell an item and it's there forever?  I think what you mean is that if you buy an item, say a lawn mower, then it is hard to find another lawn mower.  This is supply and demand.  What EA has failed at is creating a sufficient cost basis to may some items good to sell.  The item takes too much time and too many resources to make it good to sell given the fixed top-end pricing model they use.  I believe they should allow the top-line price to fluctuate based on the supply of said item.  Not indiscriminately, but in a somewhat controlled manner in which the item has a higher value when conditions are right.  I also think gathered items should NOT use this model, just created items.  Just food for thought.

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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@karincanada wrote:

Thanks EA!

We are all looking forward to the next level of updates too!

Maybe if you were able to suggest what might come out in the next level of updates, people would stop nagging (Do you know we aren't happy with the Global Trade HQ? I bet you do but maybe 17,000 more posts should be made about it.)


However, some people will just never recognize sarcasm.

Or know the meaning of the word 'overkill'.

Sarcasm?  Never heard of it...

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