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SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

by AmelieEA

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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Loading the game vertically is horrible cannot see half of the advisors,, Also the Icons are TINY now with the viewable screen almost not playable. No option to tilt your phone??


Love the game, until todays update



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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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Thanks for the update ... but you do know that the Global Trade Center is by far not working at all ?? Could you please focus on this in your next updates ...



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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

[ Edited ]
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:heart:Hi EA, this does concern me about the future updates:heart::


:robotmad:First off: Is there ANY WAY that will fix the Global Trade HQ? There are millions of people around the world playing in this game, and there's only a 1-5% chance of grabbing quickly the showcased item on the player's Trade Depot. It's just like an extremely fast auction that millions of people will grab on the only precious, rare item. I suggest that the advertised item from the Global Trade HQ will be removed after 5 minutes? It's more convenient and many, many people will appreciate it.


:robotsurprised:Second: After the current world is filled with buildings, can you make another "island" or "area" or something that will expand the city, just like in SimCity 2013? It's more fun if the endless creativity is still going on.


:catmad:Third: The mechanism of gaining money is too slow... I don't know why if the creators did it on purpose because most of the city building-based games I've played, it needs to collect money from buildings, houses, and businesses; and the items are priced, and I understand that kind of mechanism. 


Confusedmileylol:I am PERFECTLY elated about going free-price on these materials because these will help my house upgrades even faster than before.


So please, my concerns can be my suggestions to the creators, so that the players will enjoy the game longer. Take it or leave it.Confusedmileywink:

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ALERT: Global Trade HQ - Fine of 500 Sim Cash for next complaint

★★★★★ Novice

I think the developers and staff are aware that the Global Trade HQ is not working and we are not happy with it.

I am willing to bet that it is one of their highest priorities for upgrade. However, upgrades do not happen overnight.

I think the next person who posts a complaint without an ORIGINAL suggestion for improvement should be fined 500 Sim Cash.


Also please read previous posts before you post something. I will be you 500 Sim Cash it has already been stated. Repeatedly. You can save everyone a whole lot of time by just clicking on the "Me Too" button, or giving the original poster 1 XP.

Not that anyone will read this post.


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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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Would be great to have some features like: bank that can create simcash (green one),
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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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Hahahaha, It was funny. I visited my cousins city and upgraded all her buildings (I'm level 17 and shes level 7) 


So now she has a huge boost in population.


I think friends should be able to Help out friends like that though.

(Adds more point to having friends)

Just don't make it so that they send you annoying facebook requests

I would Unistall the game just like that






(No I wouldn't, I'm addicted)

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

★★★★ Novice

Whoa, That was a Logical response and I totally agree!

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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I would like to see the ability to sign into my Origin account with this game. This way I can keep Facebook out of the mix. Currently I am a Android player  and Google Play will not allow you to add gamer friends. So the only way I can add friends to the game is by spamming my Facebook account....wand well that is no fun!

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

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When are you going to fix the HORRIBLE Global Trade HQ.  9.5 times out of 10 the item you are looking for isn't there by the time you get to the new city's trade building.  At higher levels there are so many production items that you can never find what you are looking for.  At a minimum the game should recognize the items you are clicking on and populate more of those items the next time you search.  Love the game, but now that I have just about 200000 population it's getting very frustrating to the point I'll likely stop playing much.

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Re: SimCity Build Update 1.5 is now live!

★★ Apprentice

Hi Amelie, thanks for the update.


Is there any chance that the Global Market will be changed? It simply doesn't work. It's close to disguting trying to use it.

I already gave a suggestion on another thread of what could be done to improve it.


Any chances we'll get something that actually works and is useful?

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