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Mayor's Tips & Tricks - Services

by AmelieEA

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Mayor's Tips & Tricks - Services

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Greetings Mayors,

Welcome to the first part of our "Mayor's Tips and Tricks" series. We take a look at city services and explore ways to meet your citizen's needs by strategizing. Got any tips you'd like to share on city services? We'd love to see them!


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Re: Mayor's Tips & Tricks - Services

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When starting out, I only brought coal power stations and the small water towers, it was the biggest bang for the buck. I would save up as I leveled so that I had enough money to buy the biggest fire, police and hospital. I wouldn't level up to the level they are available till I had that money in the bank. They give the greatest coverage and are worth the extra effort to get them, eventually I sold my water towers and coal plants and upgraded, but that was much later probably around level 30.
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Re: Mayor's Tips & Tricks - Services

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100% Accurate. I used a very similar strategy. I also used the same line of thinking by choosing Peaceful Parks spaced for ultimate coverage.

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