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Level 9 or 10 Storage Question

by SimsWhoBuild

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Level 9 or 10 Storage Question

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I’m currently at level 9 and at 405 storage, and I’m trying to max my storage before advancing to further levels.  I’m debating on leveling up to 10 to get a start on expanding my land.  Is there much difference between level 9 and 10 for finding storage items in the market?  

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Re: Level 9 or 10 Storage Question

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That’s a really hard question to answer because the markets can vary so much, but in general as you level up and unlock more new production items, you tend to see less expansion parts in the markets.
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Re: Level 9 or 10 Storage Question

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Rocco offers excellent insight and good advice. It sounds like you have a solid plan although you will never have enough storage (just like at home) even when you reach the max. It’s been a few years now since I started building my city, but I focused on my infrastructure with storage space being a critical element and methodically expanded as it made sense...I never have been concerned about the level of my city. There is really only one best way and that is what you are personally comfortable with...the game is about making a decision and moving forward reacting to the consequences of that decision... The best advice I can offer is if you have a choice of only one Land, Beach, Mountain or Storage expansion item...always go with the storage item.

I wish you good luck and enjoy the game.

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