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How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

by TroyParry74

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How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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A lot of people seem to be struggling with Epic Projects, so I thought I would type something up to save me replying to people one at a time.



  • Increase your storage as high as possible.
  • Stock up with items before you begin. Typically with items that are hard to find in GTHQ, and items that take a long time to build (eg, 3-5x cream, beef, cheese etc) 
  • Keep 50-100k coins on hand for shopping in GTHQ.
  • Start a project in a specialization you have the most 3 token buildings with. I recommend 6-8 x 3 token buildings. Note: you can move the epic building within range of a specialization and refresh the plans until you get your specialization of choice.
  • Try and ignore the 1-2 token buildings. The tasks weigh the same, but give less points in return.

Bronze projects are very easy, anyone at any level should be able to complete them.

Silver is also very achievable, providing you plan ahead, otherwise be prepared to shop til you drop!

Gold is achievable by anyone with enough planning and coins for shopping. Alternatively you could use a lot of speed-up tokens. If you only just unlocked Projects, don't expect to be able to achieve this. You're meant to build your way up to this level by building Bronze projects, then using those speed-up tokens to help you achieve Silver, then later Gold (once you have the storage and coins).

Here's what you can expect to get from tasks as you near 160 points: 5x Fire Pits / Cherry Cheesecake / Burgers / Cheese / Milk etc. Expensive items to buy, and lengthy build times. It ain't gonna be cheap!



The key to obtaining any of those levels is always going to fall back on what specialization buildings you have. I can't stress enough the importance of having a lot of 3 token buildings. 1 & 2 token buildings have the same tasks as the 3 token buildings, they are not easier to complete.


Note: Although you may have 16 specialization buildings, only 8 tasks will be active at any one time. So if you had 8x 3 token buildings, and 8x 1 token buildings, the task bubbles may all eventually be on the 1 token buildings after you complete the 3 token tasks, which would force you to complete more 1 token tasks in order to get the task bubbles to appear on the 3 token buildings again. It's best to limit your number of 1 and 2 token buildings to the bare minimum, and have at least 8x 3 token buildings to make it easier to complete.


Which specializations did I build?

Education: University (25 keys, the only building worth 3 tokens). I only kept 1x Community College since it's required to build more universities.

Transportation: Heliport (20 keys, the only building worth 3 tokens). The only other building I kept was the Department of Transportation, since it's required to build more Heliports.

Beach: Merman Statue, Aquarium, Astro-twirl Rocket Ride, Sailorman's Ride, Luxury Boat Marine (all 3 tokens). For highest population, stick to the 22/50 key 3 token buildings at the end, the only non-3 token building required is the Lighthouse.

Entertainment: Sydney Opera House (25 keys, 3 tokens), Ferris Wheel (28 keys, 3 tokens, my preference due to footprint), Sumo Hall (50 keys, 3 tokens). You must keep the 1 token Entertainment HQ in order to build all of these.

Mountain: Mountainside Train Station, Ski Resort, Observatory, Mount SimCity, Mountain Palace, Castle (all 3 tokens). I only kept the 1 token Mountain Lift in order to build more Ski Resorts. You can delete it if you prefer to build Mountain Palace and Castle for higher population.

Gambling: Luxurious Casino (10 keys, 2 tokens), Luxurious Casino Tower (12 keys, 2 tokens) - there's no 3 token buildings!  I kept 1 Luxurious Casino so I could build more Luxurious Casino Towers. I deleted the 1 token Gambling HQ.

Landmarks: Empire State Building (20 keys, 3 tokens), Statue of Liberty (30 keys, 3 tokens), Washington Monument (40 keys, 3 tokens, my preference), Himeji Castle (60 keys, 3 tokens), Eiffel Tower (40 keys, 3 tokens). You must keep the 1 token Department of Culture.


Here's a record of the gold building I completed yesterday:


1. My storage full, and lots of items produced, ready for the project

2. The building the project is happening on. Note the population (regular residential building).

3. Project started, Beach! I have 7 x 3 token beach specializations, and 5 x 2 token.

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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4. Only 9 minutes in, I already have silver (Llama). I only did 3 token tasks.

5. Almost 1 hour, and gold (Cheetah) completed. I did a couple of 2 token tasks near the end because my 3 token tasks were choked with 5 Lawn Mowers, 5 Ladders, 5 Microwaves, 4 Hamburgers etc. I already used those items on tasks, and it would either take to long to make/buy, or cost too much.

6. New creation: Tower of Fun. Note the new population, 31% higher.

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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Sigh..... I think I will be uninstalling this game, like anybody else I just want to have at least a short fun and relaxing game, but the way you show your solution is very tasking for us that we have only a short period of time to get away for busy work Frown   tsk tsk tsk


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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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Thats why they call it an "Epic Project" and not a "Casual Project".


They are optional, and you can ignore them completely if you prefer and still enjoy the game.

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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Nice tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to post this. It is all good advice. After developing a good plan I am now able to reach gold every time. As I complete more gold buildings it gets easier and easier using the speed up tokens.

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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It's nice to know that it can be done in an hour providing I keep on the path I've been working towards.  As it is now, I'm level 32 and best time thus far to accomplish Cheetah was 7 hours remaining.  That was accomplishing 100 points in the first hour and the rest of the time was needed to make or buy the remaining 60 points.  Minus 8 hours of sleep in there somewhere, so it was actually faster than it seemed.  That was also with only three 3pt, four 2pt and three 1pt specializations.  Knowing that it can be done in an hour in incentive to continue placing more 3pt.


The only thing I do in addition to yours that I would offer is that my daughter plays the game on her phone too.  Having her as an extra resource, I move all non-essential items, Storage, Land, Mountain, Beach, Vu, etc to her game as I'm stocking up giving me even more room for the things that will be needed.


Also, at least in my game, your information about only 8 specializations being able to active at a time is not exactly correct.  At least in my game with 10 places, when you first start, all 10 had something.  It wasn't until after it was completed the first time that it decreased to 9 then 8 and then stayed consistently at 8 the remainder of the time.  So the more you have place, the more you can initially complete giving an even quicker start.


I'll get there eventually.  Keys come slowly though, so it'll be a while yet.

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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Thanks for the highly detailed post, you seem to be working all the levels from beach to mountain! Quite a challenge!

it good that storage should be as upgraded as high as possible, money and rare items collected....before the epic build  I also wait to have a few speed tokens if I have it.


in all very well covered tactics!

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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My city storage is only 150, so it's impossible for me to reach gold projectsDevil

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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@epicbuildings wrote:

My city storage is only 150, so it's impossible for me to reach gold projectsDevil

I was originally at 190 and level 32 when I started considering Epic Projects.  It took me nearly 3 months to catch my storage up.  Once I got near 300 I could complete cheetah without much issue.  Takes a while to do, but I could get it done.  I would just stop going up in levels until your storage is up to par and concentrate on making simoleans, buying what storage items you can, and if possible, find a friend to help you out.  There's a guy in a facebook group I'm working on that does trades for storage items.  He's working on getting his simolean count up, so he accept anything that yields storage item value or higher in trade for storage items.  I also think he's got multiple feeder games going, so he has a lot to work with too.

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Re: How to quickly complete Silver and Gold projects

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Here are a few more tips on completing EP's to compliment the excellent advice given above.

If storage is tight, and eventually no matter how much you have it always is, clear out as much non EP related items from storage. So use Vu items to get gold keys. However it should be noted that this will severely impact your points scoring ability in Game of Mayor's.  Use up all expansion tokens, it's very easy to be holding 30 to 50 of these things without realising. This will also help in GoM as it will give you plenty of scope to score points on building upgrades. Make sure to leave all factories stacked bar one, leave this empty. Push City storage to about 95%. I say the last few points because I started an EP fully at the limit and found it a pain trying to shuffle stuff around in order to fulfill the first task in the EP. Commercial builing should be stacked but have nothing in production. When you complete a task from a commercial building do not rush to replace the used items particularly if they are big items like Firepits  or Fridges. You will stick three in the production line and the next thing the game will ask you for is something else from that factory, there goes six to nine hours or a Cheetah Token.  Make sure keep an eye on stock levels of hard to produce items, two hours plus particularly if you have less than nine hours to deadline. One final thing, the last six hours are crucial so start the EP at a time that will have you in front of your screen for this period. However not start just before you go to bed. The reason is usually the first 80 items are pretty easy to do. There is then a period when you have to place things in the production line and you just have wait. Obviously this the time to sleep.  Hope this has been some use. Fastest I have done a Cheetah was 11 and a half hours, very impressed by aboves times. Best wishes E

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