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Global Trade HQ changes

by AmelieEA

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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It seems they're trying to shove a full-scale PC game into a tiny box--it doesn't fit. 



Furthermore, I firmly agree; Trade is WORSE now, than before this most recent "update".
Click an item, travel to city, item is sold, back to trade, click another item, item is sold--I think they made this problem worse; the frequency in which I personally click an item only to find that it is no longer available has actually increased since this update. Before, I could refresh instantly after realizing the item was already sold--now I must wait for a timer??! You've gotta be kidding me, EA. Seems their solution to "fixing" trade, is to make it so difficult to use--that people stop using it. Hey, less usage = less complaints. I guess that's one way to solve a problem--too bad you lose masses of gamers who will not be making any real purchases either... or is it too bad? Maybe I'll go outside and play now, instead. :-) 

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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You have ruined the game!!! I thought the trade centre was one of the most annoying things in the game, then you went and added this 30 second thing and absolutely trashed the playability of the game. It was not uncommon to have to refresh 15-20 times before just to find a dozen blade only for it to be gone when I click on it. That will now take me 10 minuets to do only for it to still be gone. When every thing sells in split seconds what benefit is there in this 30 second thing? The only assumption I can make is it makes it even harder for us to play the game with out spending our money thus forcing us to quit or pay up. I for one choose quit.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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@deBru3000 wrote:

All good and well with the changes I suppose, it does at present make it a little easier to be successful in purchasing goods. There was a time earlier under the old method where it was good to be almost successful each time but that didn't last. However I'll keep going and hope any tweaking is for the good. I've had some corkers to complete a ship load resulting in me selling quite a lot in order to make room for 59 metal and 29 measuring tapes for the one ship! Thankfully I've maxed out in the storage department.


Now, how about sorting out all these people who have hacks working to generate excesses of goods and money who generally spoil the game. It's not as bad as it was earlier this year but I notice listing for hacks on the internet for the latest update of Simcity Buildit. This is so disappointing and I hope EA discourage users of these programs by un-listing them, or whatever it takes to make sure the game is played by serious users.

deBru: There is zero player-to-player competition in this game, so why do you care if Joe Cheater hacks the game? How does Joe Cheater's actions "spoil the game" for YOU?

Question: Can you pay REAL MONEY to speed up this game? Answer: YES!  EA is the only entity who LOSES when Joe Cheater hacks. If Joe Cheater has unlimited resources--how does this affect you?? The answer is.... JOE CHEATER DOES NOT AFFECT YOU, JOE CHEATER ONLY AFFECTS EA'S PROFIT. 



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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Oh wow... What have EA done. Do they have developers working for them, or is the whole llama thing really no gag at all...? You could probably sit a bunch of llamas in a room and they'd fathom out how to improve the global hq before this absolute shower at EA do.

Ok, it's never been good, but a week or so ago it was bearable. Now it's unplayable. I get presented with a market full of metal and disaster stuff, and have to wait 30 seconds each time before it refreshes?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? It would take something like 1000+ attempts to even find 1 block of stinky cheese - not to mention the fact it would already be gone.

When you start the game, it's not too bad, coz you are using realistic materials to upgrade buildings. When your faced with an upgrade composed of 3 x stinky cheese, 2 x kiwi juice, 2 x spatula, 8 x Bourbon biscuit.... You've gotta be scratching your head. But that's where global hq used to come in handy, and 1 out of every hundred or so attempts you'd manage to get what you wanted.

Since the previous update last week, it's an absolute shambles. The update today has made it unbelievably worse. Do they listen to anything in these forums? Is this all in vain?? Is this all a sick joke???

I appreciate it may take time to implement a genuine fix to this completely absurd solution they currently have; however, rather than phase in these horrendously poorly conceived updates, couldn't they just revert back to the way it was before they manage to sack their entire development team and employ people of some competence?

I guess I'm searching for all the answers in the wrong places. It's a shame this game isn't a hardcopy, as it could be served the same fate as my FIFA14 disc. Probably best to just delete this now, as it's devoured too much of the last month. This game is just going to turn me into a bitter man, full of hatred and devoid of emotion. It will render me incapable of love or humanity towards others.

Another update like today's will throw all users of global hq into the depths, where we'll all be consumed by darkness.

EA will enjoy this. They will be rubbing their hands together knowing they've made someone cry out of sheer frustration. They are rip off merchants, who churn out detritus and feces across all platforms. This is truly it now. I've typed myself into an intense, anger fuelled stupor.

The game is going. Maybe not tonight, coz I have a few materials in production. But after that, it's gone. Good day.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Now we have to wait to refresh the Trade Center so we can see the same items spammed over and over and then go to a city to find the item you want already gone.

Then the game crashes.

You guys are morons EA
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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30 second wait time for Global HQ has broken the game.  Might as well just take Global HQ out altogether.  Not sure who thought this "update" was a good idea.  The old system was flawed, but at least it was workable.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Congrats for making the worst part of this game more terrible.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

[ Edited ]
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I don't mean to defend EA, but maybe the 30 sec refresh was ordered a long time ago and only just now got incorporated.

I can imagine one reason for doing this. After seeing countless panels offering nothing I need, I've sometimes been given a panel containing TWO cities I'd like to visit, but I could only choose one, and the next panel would contain completely different offerings. So by keeping the panel consistent for 30 seconds, I can now visit one city, be depressed that my choice is forbidden, and visit the second city and again be depressed that my choice is forbidden to me there as well.

I get to be annoyed twice by the same panel of offerings. It's a lose-lose scenario that EA accountants must be proud of. I hope they choke on their lunchtime martinis. Only drunken accountants could insist this frustration is a game.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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+1 to making the worst part of the game even more horrible. It has completely broken trade now. It was nearly impossible to find what I was looking for, but now it _is_ impossible. The 30s delay iscompletely unacceptable. Wtf were you thinking...
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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I posted this in another forum about this change... repeating here:


It's simple... every mayor should get a "Buy Queue".


They can select any item they want and they'll be placed at the end of the line with other mayors wanting the same thing. They can have as many requests in the queue as they have simcash to buy queue slots. They will be show an "average wait time" for each request and can opt not to place it if they feel it's too long. They can specify quantity but it must be an exact match (this will drive single sales and reduce the amount of people gobbling up lots). Their funds get deducted based on the market value (get rid of the price adjuster... seriously - who sells for less than the maximum????)


WIN: EA gets more simcash buyers with a new simcash-based feature

WIN: Users get more predictable outcomes

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