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Global Trade HQ changes

by AmelieEA

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Yes, the global market would be dramatically improved if the items we saw were ALWAYS available to purchase when we click on them. I'm getting about a 5% success rate. Its as simple as locking the item when its shown to me. This feature is a collosal waste of my time due to traveling back and forth to cities. . . for nothing.  


And why do we travel to the cities to make a purchase anyway? Just eliminate that step please. That's usually when my app crashes anyway. 


I'm an Agile Product Owner in the software development industry for a major software company in Seattle. Let me know if you want me to send a list of user stories.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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EA: You just got an offer from an Agile Product Owner to help you. I am a Scrum Master and can also assist.


The last few updates, I can tell you are not doing agile test driven development or regression testing. Your QA team is in dire need of help.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Many posters in this thread seem to think that the Global HQ is broken. They are wrong. It is working precisely the way EA intends. It is shackled by design.


When you start playing the game, HQ operates as you expect, with only a few items being difficult to acquire. The more you build up your city, the harder it becomes to obtain the items you need via HQ.


However... If we could get whatever we want, I would have opened up all my regions long ago and enlarged my local storage to hold as much as possible and would soon be finished the game. There would be no challenge if everything was easy to get. I don't agree with the trickery inside Global HQ, because this deceit is an enormous time-waster and incredibly frustrating, but it's the way the game slows down our progress.


There should be a better way. It might be useful to know how many items I could obtain per hour or per day, so I could plan my own progress rather than be shackled to an invisible limitation. But it isn't broken.


They know exactly what they are doing. They're trying to encourage us to spend real money. This is probably vacuuming money out of little rich kids' credit cards.


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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Thanks Standard smile
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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I totally agree with you. Wow!!!
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Yep, I don't disagree about their intent to inhibit progress in order to make money. But I do disagree with the way they're doing it. I just wish they would be transparent, like you said, and only tell us that we can only make a certain number of purchases per hour or day. But they could also limit the growth of the system by the rate at which they release the storage/expansion items. I wouldn't mind not receiving them very often in my own city if I could purchase it every so often in the market when it comes up.

The current design is just a little insulting, and disrespectful to our time. It makes the experience not so fun once you're around level 35 or so, and expanding our space and storage is the highest priority.

Anyway, I hope this feedback gets considered.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Updated to crash more! Brilliant! Stupid llamas!
Pathetic excuse for an update.

Updates usually fix things, not break them further!

Great beta testing EA. Must be taking advice from Microsoft.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Now that we have an airport acting like the cargo ship but with shorter supply times, we need a working Global HQ even more.


EA: The game would be awesome if it worked as you claim: "Buy and sell goods on the Global Market to make money and get what you need."


It's a lie, plain and simple. Some might call it fraud.



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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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I am very disappointed in the new Global Trade HQ changes.  Waiting for 30 seconds is unheard off.  We barely were able to purchase before and now the wait is even longer.  What were you thinking.  Not sure if I will continue to play.  It is very hard to expand your territory because we don't get the building tools often enough and you had somewhat of a chance to purchase them  in the GT center.  Now we are made to wait 30 seconds for items we don't even need it is ridiculous.  Furthermore you don't even give a large variety of items to choose from and many times people are selling the same thing so your options are even less.



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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Okay, I agree that the Global Trade HQ has always been glitchy and occasionally crashes but it kinda works...sometimes.


However, today I have just opened the GTHQ to find that I have to wait 30 seconds to refresh the items advertised. Okay, may those things are just for me? Nope, they still go on sell to everyone and I still get the Llama accounting message that its not available?? For me this has totally changed the game and I won't be waiting for 30 seconds every time for the items to refresh. 


It's an awful thing to slip into gameplay like that and I see no reason to continue playing if it stays like that. Looking for things is one thing but being made to wait 30 seconds to do so is just too frustrating.



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