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Global Trade HQ changes

by AmelieEA

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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a whole economy could develop if there was a search option, or things were listed by item...... competitive pricing would develop and take the game to another level... At the minute the Trade Centre is a POS, so long to find anything, then failed purchases.... something needs doing with it

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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I have to agree more changes needed. To only have 32 items in each refresh of the market with how many ppl playing. Search or drop down box for the item you want would be great. Also, stop sending us to the players city.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Great idea! Can't wait
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Would like a reverse bidding system.  Example: I am willing to pay $X for Y steel (or whatever).  Capitalism at its best.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Agreed. It is almost impossible to buy security bar, and blades in later lvls.   

Add in all the other failed transactions, or item already bought. Makes the game frustrating. Even narrowing it down a bit ( maybe by lvl ) would be nice.

Add in the ability to message friends in game.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Thanks for working on this issue. I was thinking that since there are different stores to buy different items, maybe you could sort the items for sale by store or something to organize so people can find exactly what they're looking for. Just a suggestion, thanks for entertaining sim fans everywhere!

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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2 weeks since EA made the Trade HQ worse and still no fix. I have not even heard EA admit there is an issue.


I have very fast devices and several internet connection types that are the fastest possible, and most valued items are still gone before I can purchase them. Even common items are gone. Do you have to be right on a backbone to be fast enough? Or in the right city?


The user story is easy guys: As a player, if I see an item listed and click on it in a reasonable amount of time, I should be able to purchase that item at least 90% of the time, so that I reduce the amount of time spent trying to purchase a sought after item, and ensuring that the game is less frustrating.


You can make assumptions that players have a typical internet connection, and common devices.


I will say this, though. Anything I try to sell seems to be much more successful than previous versions. So, the acceptance criteria has to keep in mind to minimize the impact of our items selling ability. For me, EA got the selling part right. 


Filtering the list is a new feature and should be a lower priority to fixing it. You should not add features until you fix the issues.



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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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what used to be watches and donuts is now shoes and cement.....and I can't find any dozer blades that I can actually buy anymore. Now that problem seemed fixed and now it's broken again? Frown

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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The Trade HQ is not even showing dozer items anymore. I searched for 1 hour this morning and only came across one dozer exaust and it ended up being purchased before I could even load the city. AND I HAVE GONE TO HUNDREDS OF CITIES.


FIX THE PROBLEM! I have been waiting for over a week for three more dozer blades ( haven't even been granted any, only storage and disaster). I have not even seen any. In the meantime i have 50 dozer items taking up space. I don't want to spend an egregious amount of simcash for a few service awards which I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ALREADY BY NOW. I STILL HAVE over a hundred dozer parts i need for my final upgrades.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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i agree we need some kind of search button most of my time is spent searching for items and when i finally find someone selling it once i click its states nothing for sale its getting so frustrating i love the game but this is my major issue and ive only 5 neighbours who never sell nothing

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