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Global Trade HQ changes

by AmelieEA

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Yeah because it's nearly impossible to upgrade stuff or expand your city when you have to spend hours trying to find an item. It's like finding a unicorn. Make a search bar and it would make the game 100x better
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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We need a search bar because I spend hours looking for stuff and I never find it. And I can't upgrade buildings or expand because the supply's are extremely hard to find. I have 100,000+ coins to spend and nothing to spend it on.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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That's a great idea!


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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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No need for a search in tradeing hq. Just put me on an English server so I can understand what everything says. And when I go offline why does it remind me to back up and save to Facebook and not Google?
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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There have been many accounts that have had more issues with the trading system then realised. The trading system is especially unfair for those that have clubs and want to trade with its members but cant seeing everyone gets grabby in the trading post. If at all posible would like to see a individual trade system for club members only, i like the idea of the trading post but its to much when it comes to clubs. also would like to see maybe a google friends section as well facebook is ok but you cant just limit to face book as most ppl do also have friends on google. Also would like to add that i am still having issues with some of the videos that are being displayed with this gamer either they will not load with sound or they will freeze the game with a black screen not all of them are this way tho. Thank you for reading this and taking the time to respond ahead of time let me know if at all posible a new trading system will be thought of. RazielTempest

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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[Suggestions] Global Trade HQ changes


- Categories: Have a tab beside the refresh timer(or somewhere), click on that and it will list out some options for what you want to search for.

  >an example of the tab.


  > Food

  > Fashion

  > Gardening

  > Vu Items

  > Land Expansion

    > (when I click on Land Expansion, items related to Land Expansion on sale will appear e.g. Dozer Blade, Dozer Gear, etc.)

  > Tokyo Items

  > Paris Items

  > etc...


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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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The search is when I find the best stuff,,, I'm always happy to see any improvements and efforts towards better gameplay !!! I'd like to suggest enabling players that buy back they're own goods. I don't mind the search as much as it bothers me that what I'm looking for is on sale in my shop. 

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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The Global Trade HQ is one of the worst trade systems in any game platform I have ever seen.  PLEASE, change it to a ASK/BID system where you can request to buy specific items at a set price as well as post specific items for a set price.  Remove limitations on cost, or at least expand them greatly.  It will not punish new players - it will actually help them as expansion and storage items will be more valuable.  With this game, many, many, many gaming hours are spent refreshing the Global Trade HQ searching for specific items.  This one change would greatly reduce frustration and greatly improve game play satisfaction. 

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Eu sou a favor de colocar um filtro.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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War has made finished products much harder to come by in the global hq as people are hoarding finished products for war items. And why are war items sold for a lower simoleon amount than the items that are used to buy them? That makes no sense. War is ruining the hq. 

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