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Global Trade HQ changes

by AmelieEA

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Ack, no to the elimination of price controls!


If you remove the price controls, then a few players corner the market on the rare items, jack up the price, and the market becomes basically useless as a means of finding those items (because they are too expensive).  This happens in every multiplayer game with unregulated prices in the marketplace. 


Having price controls is the best thing EA has done to ensure the continued usefulness of the market.  It just needs a search function.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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A search function would completely deplete the market of all the expansion and storage items, it is basically useless. What they should do is show a lot of different items instead of only sugar  and spices or pizzas or burgers filling up the bulk. This way there may be a chance to get our required item. And seriously, stop giving burgers as gifts, they are difficult to sell and my sims are getting fat.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Dont agree with that at all. How many players play thia game? How could adding s search depletw the global hq of any item. I often use it to search for things i dont have time to make and not always for expansion items and vu items. Only shiwung u 20 random places to look for ur needed item is a waste of time. I have spent hours looking dor an item i need only to get lucky in the ens or not finding it at all. The search should be added
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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i have a realy great idea about how you can improve the goble trade hq you guys should add sections for difrant stuff like city storge itiems in one section or stuff to expaned your city in an other so that way it is makes it that much easier to find those hard to find itiems that is my biggest problem that i have with the game it takes me a long time to get the stuff that i need in order to get anything that i need for improving my city

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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I want a search option from where I can find out my exact products...

Thank you...

@AmelieEA wrote:

Greetings Mayors,

With over 8 million transactions made in the SimCity BuildIt Global Trade HQ every day, it is a very busy trade hub for Mayors based all over the globe!

Having gathered your feedback of ways to improve the market, we have implemented a few changes for a smoother trading experience.


We have tweaked the purchasing mechanics slightly to ensure that you experience fewer failed purchases when trying to buy an item.

We are also continuously working on tackling the imbalance of items in the market.


The SimCity BuildIt team always strives to ensure that our game continues to be an enjoyable experience and we thank you for your feedback and support.


Happy building!

The SimCity BuildIt Dev Team


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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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I think that the way to combat imbalance of items in the market would be make changes in tasks of Contest of Mayors, I want say, there tasks that ask a lot items of factories, 45 minerals, example. With so much the equals items, the mayors sell everything on the market, and this affect our search for a specifical item.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Having 2 Global Trade Centres would be helpful too.

one for raw materials and one for manufactured items

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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EA will not give us the search boxes!  The search box will change the game dramatically, it will alsomake EA lose a lot of money!  The Global Trade HQ (as well as expansion ea. beach land, mountain) was designed that way for them to profit from gamers who wants to boost there city quickly.  Also, it was designed in such a way that you,ll play the game at a relative time that is similar (in a way) to that of actually building a "real" city.


If you want an item now, then pay!  Thats the game.  Its just too bad for us players who dont have the cash.  I just want suggest that EA develops more events with rewards.  What i mean is "play hard, get rewarded or play casual then max out your paypal!" lol



please do something with the item imbalance in the market.

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Since the start of the mayor's challenge, the game has become unplayable, at least for its original intention, to build a city.


 The marketplace is in need of an update, and possibly also better planning of the challenges. The marketplace is overflowing with only items being created for the challenge, making it impossible to buy anything else. If the various levels of the MC contained tasks so that everything was being created (at least within a two week period) AND the marketplace did a better job of showing items from players at all levels, or at least half of the options came from players in all levels of challenges, this would likely help solve this issue.


I'd also like to see an option to opt out of the mayor's challenge, and doing so, the marketplace would show only items from others who have also opted out. This is another possible solution. 

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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At least adding a search filter by store/factory/purpose would help. It is annoying the way it is now. 

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