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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

by BhaPal

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Like most of players i am frustrated with GHQ trading, since EA will not add search or sort options (in order to keep high "click" ratio probably)  and all responses sound like what u see is only a window to a store and then u have to enter it, how about adding some additional information so u can at least judge the store before entering.


EA  could you please add information on the players level and if there is any other item for sale so we could make educated guess before committing to visit specific player's city.


Thank you in advance 

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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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Everyone should understand that EA will never change the trading system. The reason is profit. If you do not find what you are looking for, you are more willing to spend SimCash for the items you need. You may think that a lot of people give up playing because they have to spend a lot of time with searching. It is not true. The trade system is very tricky: if you do not find what you need, you press refresh several times. After a while you are lucky, you find what you want. When it happens it strengthen you, that your strategy was good, so you continue. However if you do not find what you want, you have already spent a lot of time with searching, so getting the item you want becomes more important for you, because you’ve made so many efforts to get it. So you spend your SimCash and buy the item. Then you go back to GHQ for the next item, because you do not want to spend money. The GHQ, the Contest of Mayors, the Club Wars all exist for one simple reason: profit. EA is really, really good at it. However it is acceptable if you decide to play the game faster and more efficiently. It is your decision to spend money in the game.
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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- Did not see visible changes.
- Can you add the gift as an additional crate with a '?' for mystery gift in the Trade depot itself? It will be better than scanning the city for one.
- Can you run Performance tests before releasing a new update? The lag with new update is pathetic.
- Make visiting club member cities easier. For visiting any city, all you do is click the Global HQ from the city you are in and move on. When visiting member cities, we have to come back home to get to the members list and proceed (unless the member is on chat).
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Re: Global Trade HQ changes

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As I mentioned in another thread, for me the underlying objective of this game is to frustrate you into submission, so you'll spend money. You can see that in almost every element.


GTHQ - Cannot find the item you need to upgrade/repair a building or complete a delivery? SimCash your way out.


Storage - Not enough space to store your items? Get bars, cameras and locks. Wait, none in GTHQ? SimCash is the answer.


Factories - Need an item soon and cannot wait the 7 hours? SimCash it is.


Expansion - City expanding and not enough space? Go to GTHQ to look for dozer blades, exhausts and wheels. You see one, but then someone else bought it first. So you keep refreshing and no more comes up. Ah what the hell, screw it and use SimCash to get the final exhaust so you can open another square.


Deliveries - Need a Tokyo/London/Paris item to upgrade a building but the plane is not here yet? Part with SimCash again to speed it up.

COM - Want to rise to the top of the pile? You'll inevitably need to spend a small chunk of SimCash to speed things up or buy missing items to complete tasks.


Money does indeed make the world go round. Lol. 

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