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Re: Fast money

by __OIIIlO__

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Re: Fast money

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thank you __OIIIlO__,


It works :D


ATENTION: every 3rd building plan needs metal so this is how you do it:


1 - remove all residential buildins

2 - put one residential zone (requires metal, do not upgrade)

3 - put second residential zone (requires nails, upgrade it)

4 - put third residential zone (requires metal, do not upgrade it, YET)

5 - delete residential zone from step 3 (the one upgraded with nails)

6 - upgrade third residential zone (NOW upgrade it, the one from step 4)


7... - repeat steps 4,5,6 (every cycle gets you 700+ simoleons at a cost of 1 metal)

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Re: Fast money

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How does this affect Vu?

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Re: Fast money

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Why do all that when you can simply not buy or upgrade. Just collect everyday for a few days. I get about $12,000 every 12 hours so a 3 days and can accumulate almost $75,000. I'm at lvl 35 with almost 600,000 population.
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Re: Fast money

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75,000 in three days or 75,000 in an hour. I like 75,000 an hour better.
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Re: Fast money

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Yeah that's right. 

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Re: Fast money

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Here's a video I made with some great Trading Tips that will help you earn money too!


You can play the market and make money from the Global Trade HQ by trading against other players - and it doesn't use game loopholes which feel a bit more 'cheaty'


Hope it helps you out!

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Re: Fast money

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I'm lvl 12, is it worth starting earning gold like this now, or am I too high ?

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Re: Fast money

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It is no longer possible to do this.
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