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FAQ - Club Wars

by EA_Mai

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FAQ - Club Wars

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Community Manager

Hello Mayors!


Club Wars has arrived! Battle your way to victory and rewards with your fellow Club members against opposing Clubs in the all new real-time PvP mode for SimCity BuildIt.


What will I be doing in Club Wars?


You'll be unleashing crazy disasters on enemy cities, earning the spoils of war, collecting Disaster Cards, and upgrading them for even more powerful attacks.


How does it work?



Here's the basics of Club Wars:

  • Form a club, chat and trade with club members, plan your strategy, and declare war together
  • Attack fellow Mayors’ cities and do damage to earn war points and fame
  • As the war wages on, trade war loot to help friends attack the enemy Clubs
  • Afterward, collect your rewards to use for upcoming battles or to improve your city


How does a war start? 


In order to start a Club War the President, Vice President or a Seniors level member of your club needs to initiate the war via the Club War island.

Once a war ends there is a cool down period of 46 hours before your club can initiate a new war.

How does a Club War work? 


Each war consists of two phases, a preparation phase and an attack phase.


Preparation Phase (12 Hours):
Preparation is the key to victory!
During this phase you will need to collect war items by completing war deliveries (similar to Cargo Ship Shipments), do reconnaissance on the opposing Club, and discuss potential strategy with your fellow club members. 


Attack Phase (36 Hours):
To succeed in war you need to attack!
During the attack phase you can start launching spectacular disasters at your opponents! Each disaster requires a specific set of items to launch it, so keep completing war deliveries during the Attack phase, to keep your war engine running.

How do you win a war?


Each attack you launch at an opposing city will earn you points. The team that collects the most points during the war will win.


Earn more points by upgrading your disasters.

What if I keep getting targeted during a Club War?


If your city gets hit by multiple attacks and you have a lot of destroyed buildings in your city, a protective shield will automatically pop up to protect you.


While your city is shielded you cannot be attacked any more, but you also will be unable to launch any disasters at your opponents.


The shield will disappear once you have repaired all the buildings in your town.

Will my city be destroyed?


No worries, General Vu has carefully crafted his disasters to only destroy buildings and not people. Your cities population is safe and any damage that is inflicted to your city can be repaired for more supplies and rare rewards (for example: shiny Golden Keys).


At the end of a war your city will auto-repair.


So don't be afraid to give it your all to win.

Will I be playing alone?


Nope! As every good general knows a single soldier doesn't win a war. You'll need to work, strategize and coordinate with your entire Mayor's Club to emerge victorious.


Working together you and your Club will need to chat, trade, and attack together in order to emerge victorious.

What will I need to play Club Wars?

To participate in a Club Wars, you’ll need to be level 18 and part of a Mayor’s Club.

What if I don't want to play Club Wars?

Club Wars is an optional game mode, your Club will only play a war if one of your leaders decides to initiate it.

What is the Club Wars Score?

Every Club has a Club Wars Score. This score increases at the end of a war if your Club achieves the victory, and decreases otherwise - a rating system some of you might know as 'Elo'. Club Wars Score is one of the elements the game considers when finding an opponent for your Club - during matchmaking, your Club will get paired to battle another Club with a similar Club Wars Score.

What does this mean for you? The more wars your Club wins, the higher your Club Wars Score will be and the stronger your opponents!


Have fun, and good luck in the war!



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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★★★ Newbie
not enough information... in my club, all players are above level18 and we can't start a war... what are the exact requirements?
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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

Community Manager

Hi @erickriva,


Is this the first war you want to play? As long as you all are above level 18, you should be able to start a war. But keep in mind if you already played a war, there is a cool down period of 46 hours before your club can initiate a new war.


Could this be why you need to wait? If not, are you getting any error message when trying to start your war? Is the President, Vice President or a Senior who is trying to initiate it?


Welcome to Answers HQ! Standard smile


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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★ Guide

hi @EA_Mai


@erickriva may be refering to the non-disclosed requirements, as being above level 18 and being a member of a club aren't the only requirements, i'm president of a small club of only 4 mayors and we are all above level 18 but i am unable to initiate a war as the war screen says i need more members in the club....... so what is the minimum number of mayors required? i also believe there is a miniumum population requirement as well...... if so what is the minimum population?

this feature has been added but specific information as to the entry requirements have been very thin

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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★★ Novice
We only have a president in our group and they have not been seen for a very long time, is there a way we can talk over the group? Or start a war without them?
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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★★ Novice
We had that happen in our group and we decided that the easiest solution was leaving and creating a new club. Then once we had people from original club in and assigned as officers we also connected on Facebook so we could use that as a private chat if needed as we brought in new ppl.
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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★★ Novice

If I remove a club member after the completion of a war, will that member still receive the rewards he’s entitled to?

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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★★ Novice

Not enough information as usual.  When giving out information on a mode within a game, there always should be information on every single aspect that anyone might ask.



What do the points at the very top of the war report, (tap the satellite dish icon), within the war map mean?  The points I'm referring to have a gold star in front of them. 

Then there is the club name and total war points underneath.  Then the individual points underneath those.  So again, what are the points at the top?  Be thorough in the answer.




Where is that information huh?  EA is always vague with their explanations.  It's sad that a major company that has had their name in the gaming industry for this long doesn't give the full knowledge of any of their games to the community.  

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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★ Apprentice

@EA_Mai wrote:

Hello Mayors!


Club Wars has arrived! Battle your way to victory and rewards...


What will I need to play Club Wars?
To participate in a Club Wars, you’ll need to be level 18 and part of a Mayor’s Club...



Mai, I find it interesting that on the original post that launched this topic, some information was left out regarding recruiting:


This text below is from EA's own site, as you listed as the source above.  Missing from your original post in this topic was the red text:


What will I need to play Club Wars?
To participate in a Club Wars, you’ll need to be level 18 and part of a Mayor’s Club.
If you’re looking for a Club try searching the hashtag #SimCityClubs on Twitter or Facebook or check the comments on one of our Mayor’s Club recruiting posts on Facebook


So... since I don't use Twitter or Facebook for video game purposes, then those two options are not available to me.  Yet EA is promoting these methods as the way to find a Club.  Why?  Why is EA not advising to use the in-game mechanisms?


Is anyone else having a challenge trying to add new club members using the in-game method of "inviting" cities that you have to visit personally?  Because I find it is essentially useless and is a major source of futility and frustration.  Our president and vice presidents invite player after player after player and we get no response whatsoever.  Then, we get an error message saying we cannot invite anymore as we've reached our limit.  We must wait 7 days for some of our first invites to expire after they get no response.


How do other mayors recruit players to their clubs?  Are mayors highly successful at inviting other cities in-game?

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Re: FAQ - Club Wars

★★★★ Novice

Hi there! Were you able to figure out what those points are? Frown

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