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Current update ... Are you kidding?

by martin_tengler

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EA, you are officially against us

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Just to let you know, Dear EA, that EVERYONE is pissed about the 30 seconds refresh update. This action has now proven that you don't care at all with us, your customers. I have defended your position in many cases, but this update has proven me wrong. I was wrong about you EA. [Comment Removed - Admin.]

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Re: EA, you are officially against us

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This is ridiculous. What are they thinking?
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Re: EA, you are officially against us

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I agreed with many of your positions and I agree with this one. It's just stupid and I guess they really don't care about us

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Current update ... Are you kidding?

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Dear EA,


The last update of Simcity BuildIt unfortunately forced me to create an account to be able to react on it. I would somehow tolerate as a good joke it if it were 1st April. But it is not.


The first thing that annoys me most of all is the 30s refresh interval in GTHQ. This is an ABSOLUTE and EXEMPLARY FAIL! If it was really painful to purchase a specific commodity previously, now it is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! I am absolutely sure that the reason was not to improve the GTHQ experience. I bet my shoes that the real reason is to offload your servers!!! But, being lazy, you've simply chosen the worst option and you've screwed everything up. From perspective of software architecture, you just FAILED. I really would like to know something about the guy who invented this. Have you ever tried to play this game for a longer time, from the very beginning and without any cheats? I guess you haven't. Why don't you simply listen to people who really plays the game?


I can accept it if it would be the only problem. But unfortunately, it isn't. And after the last update the things went even worse.


These are just few examples of bugs and design fails in the current version of this game (I'm running the game on iPad Mini so it is no obscure hardware):


  1. With the previous version, the game used to "reaload" the current city every time I went back to the game, even when I received an alert from another application. Now the game restarts completely!
  2. The game became significantly slower with uncomfortable lags. When I restart my iPad, the game runs better for few minutes and then it slows down again. Restarting the game only doesn't help.
  3. The game crashes more often by at least 1000%.
  4. Very often, when I open the GTHQ, the offering of advertised items simply disappears by itself in a second or two and it is replaced with "Nothing to purchase" message. I have to close and reopen GTHQ for several times to have the items displayed normally before the refresh interval expires. This bug, hand in hand with the "30s refresh improvement", makes the game unplayable at this moment.

I'M NOT A GUINEA-PIG! Have you ever heard about TESTING? How could you afford to issue this update and even FORCE ITS INSTALLATION with all those bugs and UNUSABLE IMPROVEMENTS? How do you expect players to pay REAL CASH for this RUINED GAME?


I think that not only I deserve a public answer from whoever is responsible for all this!!!







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Re: Current update ... Are you kidding?

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complete *! 30 secs! im forced to quit the game as it is. It was a good run but they destroyed the game with this ultimate slap in the face.
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Re: EA, you are officially against us

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Man - That ruins the game. Bummer, now I got to find a new favorite, cause this game sucks now.
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Re: Current update ... Are you kidding?

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Nice post, Martin.  This 30 second refresh thing is terrible.  Makes Global HQ a useless feature.

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Re: EA, you are officially against us

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Was just getting ready to start working on some Tokyo town blocks, and then they added this 30 second refresh thing.  Global HQ is now completely useless, and the game is pretty much broken.  Oh well.

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Re: Current update ... Are you kidding?

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Like you I logged in just to make my first post. I'm not much of a complainer but this is a complete fail. Now this version of Sim City is slated for the grave much like Maxis. GG EA. Everything you touch turns to $&!7!!!!!!
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GTHQ 30 second update [Edit - Admin.]

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This 'feature' has made the game almost unplayable. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get commodities that you are trying to obtain, Add this to fact that you only get one cargo plane a day I think that I'm ready to find a new favorite.

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