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by __OIIIlO__

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So... You have to buy him out and wait 24 hours for new stuff to show up, right? He should have new * to sell everyday without having to buy everything he sells.
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Re: Daniel

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He sells everything at the lowest value, just resell the stuff at max value and make simoleans Standard smile
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Re: Daniel

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He should have items more often.than once a day also he could have better items. Lumber is heavily used but rarely is on market. At 30 minutes each it takes a long time to build up
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Re: Daniel

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I think he has something every other day. I have always bought everything he is selling just to speed up him reloading his store. I think it's like the cargo plane - every 17 hours or so. He also tends to have pretty good free "gifts" floating around his city...don't forget to look for those!

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