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Club wars - Feedback

by EA_Mai

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Club wars - Feedback

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Hello Mayors,


Today SimCity BuildIt was updated with a new feature - Club Wars


Do you have any feedback to share about Club Wars with the game team? Please, use this thread, we will be happy to read and forward it! 




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Re: Club wars! Read before deleting please!!

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I hope this does not interfere with the contest when asked to do 3 vu disasters and got to do repairs, its already hard enough having to do repairs in between each disaster. Am in a good club that has nothing to do with club wars. So anyone who does not want wars say and add me and I get out pre to join you. But we need to have those who will be willing to do the contest every week, as at the moment we have 10 inactive players need active players. Our pre would need to remove them so we can get active players to join

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Re: Club wars! Read before deleting please!!

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I do not like this new feature. It has a bug, you can't exist out of the war screen. I had to exit the game completely and log back in.

Also, only a club president should be able to declare war or anything like that.

The game is adding too much and is becoming too difficult and costly with all these features.
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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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I really think this is a stupid idea. Sorry to be so blunt. There are enough war games out there already. SimCity BuildIt is already hard enough to play what with challenges every three or four days. Couple that with trying to grow your city, Vu challenges, an inability to search other cities for goods for sale makes for an already challenging game. I will be closing down my club and quitting the game. As I said, there are enough wa games out there already; there's no need to make this into one too.

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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I think the tutorial is a trap to start the first war. I have been reading comments on FB and most that are either presidents or vice president started the war by accident. Most were saying that its a tutorial trapping into a war did not want to start. now it's going to overlap the contest for 1 and a half days. Most are concerned about it making it a lot harder to do tasks in the contest and trying to do wars as well. So everyone is having to juggle between the contest and this stupid war that has trapped every one into doing it after being trapped in the tutorial. Waas it not stated that no need to do it? will they lie since our president was checking it out reading the instructions about it next thing war started? All the club members not happy but they are helping out, as it was not our president's fault since she had no idea what she was doing when checking out the instructions. Let's hope when we attack some of our cities is attacked that when carrying out repairs. Only do repairs if they counted towards a repairs task if we get one. Not sure if we get a Vu disaster task tomorrow or to upgrade a residential building as it did say that it only destroys residential buildings since all residentials are all epic accept one. Does that mean the epic buildings or any buildings such as  London etc?


another question if I get a disaster task well  I have to repair buildings that were blown up in the war if the 24 hours is not up or still carry it out and that not affect the disaster task?

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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War Games is Nice new feature, but poorly executed. Its fine if you want to play 24/7. Why? Takes absolute ages to get the war items you need. Plus the chest targets are way too difficult. Gave it a go but wont be doing it again. Plus the game is now extremely laggy and eats through battery power way to quickly. Unless the next update fixes this will have to uninstall the game.... and tyhats after 2 years of play.

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War theme

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Way to go, you have got to be kidding me. Evidently the competition is getting the best of you.This new idea of launching wars is insane.


First of all for those of us that are against war, fighting, killing and do not believe in it - this is the wrong direction to take our nonviolent game.


Second, if you wanted to compete with all the other war games out there why didn't you launch a totally different game?


Perhaps Sim I hate people, I want to fight, City War.


Third - not everyone that lives in America has to be a "cowboy". And last but not least - for those of us that are trying to teach our children that fighting, hatred and killing is not the way to a better life, you certainly are on the other side of the fence now.


Obviously you are running out of ideas for this game. But if you had been listening to us all along - there are plenty of good ideas out there from players that have posted them on this forum. Could you find it in your way of doing business to break away our once peaceful city game away from this ludicrous ideal of war?



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Re: War theme

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"Stop the War".

We have been playing for a couple years and given EA lots of money.  Have talked other people into playing.  No longer.

Get us out of War!


I don't want War in my mind, in my family, in my city, in my country or in the world.


I am quitting, but not quietly. 

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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War is always a bad idea!

Forcing me to be in War was very bad.

How can I play without War?

You won't even let me leave the club that accidentally got in a war.


Friends, family and I have given EA money and don't want War. 

Get us a way to play without war or lose us.

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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I started playing this game because I wanted to build a city and that is still the case. I understand the need to add new features but I really do not like club wars. If I wanted to play a war game I would download one but this game is about the fun of finishing challenges, upgrades etc. Please remove this feature.


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