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Re: Club wars - Feedback

by airgregg

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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I agree CW is full of cheats & hackers... Our club faced top 10 enemy club and 2 enemy players managed to accumulate 20k damage each in 2h !!!!!!!!!!!!


I have seen them using 9 pts damage attacks 5 times in A ROW!!! was lucky at the war map at the time ;D


I have reported both to support with screen shoots with no result in removing them from the game.... they are still there at top 10


As your position about not reaching top 100.. only 9 battles??? think u need to fight more freuqent ;D



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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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Compliments on the recent additions of new disasters.  While this makes it more difficult to level up individual disasters as the pool of cards is now more widespread, this is likely a positive impact for the game.


Still hoping for some tweaks to the city shields.  Not fun when inactive opponents are under shield for 35.99 hours of the battle.  Makes it very difficult for club members to earn war points and gain reward chests to gather disaster cards.


Suggest a 12-hour maximum shield so you can at least attack each city 3x during a war instead of only once when they are not active.

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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Mai, this is getting to a critical point. EA must do something about Club War CoM challenges. There is a lot of debate on this thread about whether or not Club Wars was a good idea in the first place, but one thing is clear: everybody who plays both Club Wars and Contest Of Mayors agree that the Contest Of Mayors should not have Club Wars challenges. EA made a lame attempt at reducing the number of war challenges in CoM, but that is not enough. I have lost contests specifically because I was issued high-value war challenges that were impossible to compete because I was either not at war or was in the preparation phase (anybody who knows CoM knows that unplayed high-value challenges are a very bad thing). My club is very active in CoM and is undefeated in Club Wars and everybody in my club is talking about quitting CoM because random war challenges are destroying their ability to play the contest fairly. This must stop now!


Mai, we have only heard from you once. It is time to get involved and address the concerns of your customers. 


If EA insists on keeping Club War challenges in CoM, then at least allow us to delete those challenges without penalty. This will appease all the people who hate Club Wars, as well as those of us who tolerate Club Wars, and those who love Club Wars and want to get credit in CoM. Win-win.

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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Completely agree with Egan857. Well said.

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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@egan857 wrote:


...If EA insists on keeping Club War challenges in CoM, then at least allow us to delete those challenges without penalty. This will appease all the people who hate Club Wars, as well as those of us who tolerate Club Wars, and those who love Club Wars and want to get credit in CoM. Win-win.

Hold on.  Not so fast.


What you are proposing needs to be more carefully thought out with all scenarios considered.  If EA did this, then when you have a low-value war assignment, you can delete that without penalty too and perhaps achieve a nice high-value replacement.  Is that really what you want your competitors to be able to do?


The proper solution is simply to not have war assignments be possible to show up for you when your club is not at war.  Or to do away with war assignments in their entirety.  This suggestion about deleting without penalty has some deeper consequences that are not a suitable fix.

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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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As always Modern Thinker looking well below the surface and I applaud you for that. Guys he’s dead on target and If it was that simple you wouldn’t be discussing it, it would have been already corrected.

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Re: War theme

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Hello again,

Finding issues with club wars.

1) Athough our club is reasonably high on the global leader board, our possition doesn't matter because it's a sham. The club war wins and looses are too greatly influenced by the war shipment item drop. There seems to either be a broken algorithm or a poor attempt at random. Doesn't matter which or what, unless war item order is in a repetitive cycle with an equal oppertunity for each item, war victories are created by EA staff via war item order and attach unlock upgrade cards. This makes the entire war global leader board system a rip off.

2) City shields, this is a known issue and there is no need for me to add to it. One tip, a player can launch a ten building 1000+ point attack at a city with only one building left standing. You loose the 9 buildings but you gain all the points. Might help overcome shield duckers.

3) Inactive players. Our team has calculated that a player that is unable to play during a single battle has a very high cost to the rest of the team. Any inactive club member cost 1000 points minimum. To recover the losses the other members need to fill war shipments because active member repair items recover the points gained for the destruction of each building in their own cities. My low average war shipments cost me 3-5k Simoleons global market item value per war item. Using this average, which is low, it costs the team 30'000-50'000 Simoleons to cover one inactive player. 10 items to recover the 1000 points using a 1:100 war item to point ratio. Why are the club team leaders not able to pick the battlefield line up EA? Even if battlefield placement required 90% of club members be on the battlefield it would be a vast improvment and allow for some activity flexability.

4) Reward drops are totally corrupt. I usually score above average every war, when fighting inactive clubs over 4000 points and when battling active clubs I'm scoring over 12'000 points. We have a star war player on our team "Megaman" he always scores over 12'000 point every war. Why do I have more attacks, better attacks and more attack upgrades than he does. Because EA is terrible at making algorithms, this is no suppize, I have never played a game made by EA that has even had reasonable algorithms. But come-on Devs, put an ounce of effort in when you create a global leader board. Bronze chest = 0 unlock cards, silver chest = 5 unlock cards, Gold chest = 12 unlock cards. EA is that really too much for your script writers? Reward drops need to have a predictable consistancy to enable a global leader board, otherwise it's juet luck of the draw.

5) Why am I getting gold keys and simoleons for repairs? In order for the math to work out somewhat equally, destruction points vs repair points, every repair needs to yield a war item to maintain a 1:100 item to point ratio. If I wanted damn gold keys or simoleons I would do the activity related to these. This only further adds to the false idea that a global leader board can fairly exist in Club Wars.

6) Yes, war costs too much simoleons but that's what reward chest are made for, if only EA could code them to give fair rewards for effort applied. It costs (X) amout to gain (Z) war points, so chest (A) which needs (Z) war points should give at least equal to (X) amount spent? I know EA is an American company and the education there is poor but did your dev team at least finish middle school? Because that ^ is grade 7 or 8 math where I'm from. Also the means to code the chest rewards correctly, for both attack cards and simoleons could have been done on an antique computer (Vic20).

There are many other issues which our highly skilled club members have learned to overcome via fighting the EA poop code. Don't even get me started on how Simcity creates matchmaking scores, that's a whole other thread.

EA is one of the elder game developers today making "grandma's basement dev" mistakes with Simcity Buildit. I expected better by now as far as fixes and clean updates and from the looks of this feedback thread, everyone else did too. Your emoji/more attacks etc update was a slap in the face to all war clubs when you have all these well known issues hanging over your heads EA.

@EA you need to stop adding content and start fixing the broken issues, most of which can be found in this feedback thread. If EA wants a justified global leader board then EA needs to step up and insure that every team and player has an equal oppertunity to compete. Not more gambling.

Your website is also broken, it keeps bouncing my post to and from "War Feedback" and "War Theme" what the $&#@ is wrong with you guys? This game and now web site are both on a slippery down slope.

I was a heavy supporter of EA's release of Simcity Buildit a good free game with few ads and good multiplayer but after this last update and no fixes, just more future problems. Bad form in every way EA
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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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I do like club wars. This takes interactivity to another level. We enjoy helping each other in the club to get war items and work towards a common goal.

However, one inherent problem with club wars is the shield. We have matched up with many opponents who don’t really do much and they stay in the shields most of the time. Staring at the shields, not being able to do anything is pretty frustrating. And I heard of teams attacking aggressively at first and then remain under shield for the entirety of the attsck phase to win the wars. This kind of defeats EA’s intention to encourage interaction between mayors, isn’t it.

I suggest to either penalize teams whose entire crew stays in the shields for too long, or disable the shields (with some auto-healing) when it happens. One more suggestion is to allow us to end the war early if opponent is inactive.

Hope EA will consider my suggestions since I feel this will improve this already awesome game.
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Re: Club wars - Feedback

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Alright, wars are fun, Points = Cards, we get it.. Now, I'mna try to hold back the RAGE.... what do we do when we encounter a club that won't repair?!!!!!??? I've had full energy for 3 hours now, and these won't repair... 

Put a max bubble time on!!!


Just cuz these Hippies won't repair, I gotta lose? FIX THAT! 4th time now, Bout ready to unistall this! GRRRRRR!!!


[Edited by EA_Mai to remove inappropiate language, all caps and make it more legible]

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