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Best skycrapers

by Dobroslaw

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Best skycrapers

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To have the best (most luxurious)  skyscrapers you have to have all services and 2 or 3 specialization buildings. Lets say I have no specialization buildings at all. What will happen:


1) I will upgrade my homes to the maximum, so placing later specialization buildings will not help me and I will have to demolish all upgraded homes and start all over again to have the best (nicest, most luxurious) of them.


2) after placing specialization buildings they will change by theme self to new graphic


3) I will be able to upgrade them once more and during this upgrade they will become more luxurious.




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Re: Best skycrapers

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It depends on how many specializations you have. Land wealth also affects buildings. But let me say this: when all of your buildings are luxurious, you will miss the older style ones.
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Re: Best skycrapers

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I have found out that once you upgrade the home for max pop that building is locked at it's wealth level. Is there any way to downgrade building one level?

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Re: Best skycrapers

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Re: Best skycrapers

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Number 1 is what will happen.
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Re: Best skycrapers

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I from experience, am going to say that keep your buildings, and just build new, better ones around it. I did the same mistake too and now I miss them and build the Less-Wealth ones on purpose. You will start geting sick of them. I am just saying. Everyone has their own style of playing this game.

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