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Any limit on number of epic buildings?

by anotheroldone

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Any limit on number of epic buildings?

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Is there a limit on the number of epic buildings you can have - or a min number of "normal" buildings you must have?


I have not been given the chance of building another epic building for along time now.  I have several "normal" builds at max development but still am not invited to upgrade them to epics.


i am at level 52 with population over 2m and 138 epic buildings so far.

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Re: Any limit on number of epic buildings?

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I am in a similar situation. Currently at level 33 have eligible building to be upgraded to epic buildings but no projects available for the last week whereas I was having projects every 12-24 hours depending on how long it takes to finish one epic building.
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Re: Any limit on number of epic buildings?

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I have 300 epic buildings and today I completed one more residential building and I have not gotten the expected epic symbol over the building so that I can make it epic, even though it’s been weeks since I did epic building number 300.   I am thinking that there may be a 300 limit. I will come back and update my post if i do get to make this my 301st epic building....


I AM BACK...AFTER WAITING ABOUT 24 hours I finally have the epic option on the new it is NOT LIMITED TO 300!


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