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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

by roccodonovan8

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Abandoned buildings, no water?

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My water is not connecting - capacity is above demand but four buildings remain abandoned and the lines are shown as dotted. Any help?
I've waited an hour to see if it was just slow, as I've seen it take a few minutes to recognize when police were added to an area, but that doesn't seem to be the issue.
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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

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Do you still have this problem? I would first try restarting your device. If that doesn't help, move those buildings somewhere else temporarily and then move them back.

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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

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I'm having exactly the same problem. It's all in the NorthWest corner of my city. When new buildings get their first upgrade, the water gets cut off, showing a broken link to the water network. In some cases, it has been both the water and sewage that's cut off. It seems like the location is cursed, not the building. Any new building on the same lot has the problem.

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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

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A thought would be that not all water pumps are connected to the same roadsystem, I noticed trying to teach my niece and nephew that they built roadways that weren't connected. It's an easy miss...?



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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

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I'm having a similar issue.  I had a shortage and decided to demolish aba doned buildings to bring the demand below the capacity, however it still showed a shortage although the capacity was above the demand.  I even tried moving things around and restarting.  No luck  I even went as far as to demolish all the residential buildings and build new ones.  They too became abandoned due to the water shortage.  I'm at a loss and frustrated that I pumped some money into this game.  Such a waste.

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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

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Double check that the roads your water services are on are directly connected to the roads the residential buildings are on. If there is a disconnect the utilities cannot serve the homes.
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Re: Abandoned buildings, no water?

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That is a common bug it seems. I would ensure the following:


  1. Ensure all the buildings are connected to the road
  2. Ensure the capacity # is correctly listed
  3. Try to shuffle around the building

I tried all that and since nothing worked, i just closed the app completely and just restarted, didn't see the error anymore.


Hopefully this helps you resolve the issue you are seeing.

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