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Update 3.1 Related Issues

by MaxisBazajaytee

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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They still haven't fixed the worker to population ratio?

I know its just a number but if you've got 60,000 ppl in your city, you want to see more than 6,000 working

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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Ever since this update the Region View button hasn't worked when I'm any of my cities. I'd click on it, but when it dose show me the Region, none of the resource sharing options show what resource go to what city, they don't even acknowledge that the cities are sharing! Plus the user profile names w/the profile pics don't show either. I can't even access my Great Works through this screen. I've had similar problems that other users have already explained too.


This happens to me on North America West 3


Thank you for your time. Standard smile

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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You say you fixed busses.  No. Not even close.  They bunch like a hive of bees and are **bleep** near useless. Traffic is completely borked still, in large part because of busses (municiple, and school), and garbage and recycling trucks bunching behavior. And yet those trucks won't pick up crap they pass right by, and sometimes they go around a block or even just loop in u-turns for (in-game) hours!.  Also, strange surges in population and just traffic as a whole can really cripple a city. I'm not talking about rush hour, I get that.  I'm talking just random unending traffic for no apparent reason. Plenty of public transport that is not used, but they still flood the inter-city highway and thus the city streets.


The data feedback clearly has nothing to do with what's going on in the game:  High Industrial Demand, but industry closing because "nowhere to ship freight, and low skill" ; No workers in Industry, commercial, and city services, yet all of residential going bankrupt, homeless and refusing to go to schools where there are plenty of desks.  And this is all in the same game and same city!! What the hell is going on here?!?!  I'd LOVE for a developer to hop in this city and tell me what the hell is wrong with it.  And it doesn't help that you still clearly didn't fix trading as I've lost millions in undelivered gifts.  Trading of power and other commodities is still broken as well.  Why won't you buy power when the neighbor shows a surplus well over what you need?


That is just one city.  Hop out to another region, or even a city in the same region and your experience could be totally different.  You said you fixed the recycling center bug that prevents it from operating after filling its resources while sharing trucks with other cities.  Nope.  But it does seem you killed some of the feedback that let us know it had come to a screeching halt for no reason.  No longer does it say its full, it empties it and produces very little poduct all while your trucks stop picking up the recyclables.  They go out and drive around, but never pick anything up.  Only when you delete their garages and rebuild, will they work again, but then only for a few days. A recycling center will only work reliably if you do not share trucks with neighbors.  That's pretty f-ed up in a game where you made small cities to encourage multiple city use.  Hell, the trading system as a whole is screwed. Again, especially when you've touted the game as region-play, you are really screwing us by not having tuned and debugged before you dropped this game.


Speaking of dropping, I dropped $80 bucks on it nearly a year ago and have (by your screwy app's estimate) over 240 hours in it and I now want to drop it in the toilet it deserves.  It is so frustrating to play. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what occurs in-game.


I'm going back to citiesXL.  At least they figured out how to give people permanent homes, and jobs, not the arbitrary data you call sims. I'm mostly kidding.  That game has some issues too, mostly there is not near enough detail (city services being my favorite), but at least they can give people homes and tell you exactly how many are living, working, shopping, and where they do each!  Try figuring that out in SimCity where that data changes all the time!


And the sound continues to be glitchy.  


In case a developer does actually care to see a region completely hampered by bugs you say you fixed and refusal to work properly, contact me.  If you care to try yourself, I'm on NA East 2, Titan's Gorge, Settler's Rest or Nest, whatever.  I started this city out as a commuter city, but that never happened.  No one ever went to the thousands of available jobs in the next two cities, even when provided with the highway connection, train and busses.  BS!

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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1) Buses, they don't do what they are supposed to.


2) Crime - there's a massive crimewave, right next to the Police HQ that's fully loaded out (including helicopters that don't fly anywhere in particular just lift off and land again).


3) Fire - fire service is slow - we regret to inform you that fire department helicopters are useless and don't do anything.


4) Health - your sims are sick - right next to a hospital hq that's fully loaded out including wellness centers and no pollution/garbage.


5) Garbage & Recycling - your city size requires three recycling centers, but we only gave you enough space for one, if you consider that enough space.


6) All of the above, loopdie loo - they continusally drive around in circles and occasionally I spot it and drop a quick high density road to nowhere and they all of a sudden resume working only to get stuck again.


7) Street cars - it doesn't matter how many street car depots you have, expect people to complain about long wait times because they [street cars] are incapable of path awareness, being they all try to take the same route or similiar routes and end up having to wait on each other.


8) Trading - why in the world are they trying to pickup goods via a congested highway instead of using the sea port and/or rail? De de deh


9) Traffic - why in the world do people want to do uturns as soon as they enter the city? Is this because they basically waited an entire day trying to get into my city thanks to all of the above.


10) Map filter - is this really still broken? How in the world are you people releasing expansion packs already when you can't even debug the original freaking game? Leaderboards? 


I've been an avid Sim City player since my good little Compaq came with it back years ago and have owned every release up to this point. This current game you've released was NOT ready in beta as the beta testers told you so many times (and I'm one of those beta testers); this game release makes me SICK to my stomach that you could release such an incredibly buggy game and not have the talent to fix it - we shelled out the bones, it's time for you to pony up and give us a freaking working game or give us a REFUND .


I mean, how are we up to patch 3.1 now and we're still receiving game crippiling bugs?! I'd go as far as to say this makes EA and Battlefield 3's out of control bug and exploit fest look like the best game ever polish wise. 


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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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@davidneill432 wrote:

My cities are visually out of sync in the region view, They are usually "slid" out of place by about 50%. So where a city is near a cliff or water, there are now buildings on the cliffs and in the water. 


Also, my recycling and trash statistics are not updating, I continue to collect only 13000 cans of recycling but its consistently says out of 38,880. I thought maybe I had to add more centers, I have four now and my numbers are not growing.


this is a common issue.


as you can see it gets all the trash in the city but does not show it in the numbers.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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I have to also chime in and say hospitals seem completely broken. Clinics seem to work okay but fill up fast in a large city. Hospitals? I have a hospital with room for 800 patients, it barely treats 20 and sims are constantly complaining of sickness and in one case, abandoning an apartment block due to "too many deaths" RIGHT NEXT TO THE EMPTY HOSPITAL. This is becoming something of a theme, same thing happens with schools, it's like the game is trolling me.


Oh and traffic is completely borked. Again. I have a city with no less than 2 bus depots, a region bus depot and a streetcar system that loops the map and traffic is so horrifically bad that the roads are completely blocked for days on end, trade and essential services are stalled because nothing can go anywhere, and this isn't even a tourist town!


And for god's sake, fix the freaking sound bug. The game won't last for 5 minutes before cutting out all sound effects and looping the first music track forever until I restart.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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 I noticed the following errors:


  1. The sound  crashes on many occasions;
  2. Delivery trucks do not work properly completely stopping the production of factories;
  3. Traffic of vehicles at the entrance of the city is out of control;
  4. Buses do not work properly; they travel in groups making it useless to add more units to the station;
  5. Recycling and garbage trucks are driving in circles around the city;
  6. On the nuclear power plants’ edges when there is a difference in ground level, the video crashes;
  7. Factories complain of the ability/education of employees even when they are maximized;
  8. Buildings break because they are out of  money even when there is no unemployment in the city;
  9. Sims complain “that they are dying all around us” but Statistics shows your city at 0 deaths.
  10. The cities crash (3 until now) and you are unable to load it again.

One more thing, if EA want us to play a single player game online at least make the **bleep**ing servers work!!

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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I'm glad to see another post on this sound issue.  I get sounds that continue after inspecting or editing almost anything.  Today I had an earthquake, the sounds continued on even after leaving one city and loading another.  This has seems to have gotten worse after every update.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues - Cities Lost!

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I'm not sure what the heck happened, but I haven't played SimCity in 2 or so weeks.  I go and load up the game this evening and it auto downloaded update 3.1.  After it completed, I loaded the game and was amazed to find out that my 2 cities are now non-existent!  I am no longer presented with the "Resume Game" option and only the options to "Create Game" or "Join Game".  I had created my own world called "Scottlandia" with two cities "New Republik" and "Bostonia".  I've invested 39 hours of my time on these cities and need some explanation as to why they were erased for no reason.


Please help!

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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find more:


11. By adding the electronics division to the Trading HQ the tooltip says that it will unlock alloy and plastic storage at the Trade Port. However this does not happen.

12. I'm playing on the same server and same region with some friends and they can't see me online.

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