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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

by celticfutball

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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Here is a new issue that I just experienced 30 minutes ago. 

I recently plopped a convention center in my city of 60,000+ tourists.  Two things happened: Unable to open any specialization menu and all of the bubbles started to stay static on the screen.  Also, video records at a supersonic speed for some reason, no way to slow it that I know of.

North America East 3
Asus G75V
Intel Core i7 3610QM - 2.3 GHz
nVidia GeForce GTX 660M - 2 GB
12 GB Ram

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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i am unable to load any of my citys, when i try to open the game i get a message saying 


"The simcity server are unavailable, for more information click the more info link"


i do eventually get the "your game is ready to play" but when i click the play icon i get a messages saying "network dissconnected" and i am unable to play.


i only started to get these messages since an update was downloaded yesterday evening

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

EA Sims Team

chrism1981 is that any server in particular or are you seeing it on all servers? We are aware of an issue on TEST but all the other servers are running.


tacojim05 thanks for the video, we are investigating this now.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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i have been using North America West 4

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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@Bolesting wrote:



You are really started to annoying me!!!



They're only starting to annoy you??? haha


While I do appreciate you guys being more interactive recently with your clients, however it' still feels like you guys are just scrambling to get out these quick fixes. 

IMO this game will never be fully fixed with the way you guys have your online mode set up. Too much information and too many variables. A true cloud based system is what you need to fix this problem and obviously it's not the way the game was designed. Goodluck.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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Thos software shouldn't have been released, it's barely at an alpha stage. The bugs get more comical as I play.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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serious FPS problems since the last updates especialy when buldozing

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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1.] Can't connect to server. Using North America East 1.


2.] Seems to also kill my internet connection. From a clean reboot, I can access internet normally. However, from a clean reboot, then opening origin and attempting to run Simcity, it telling me it can't connect, quiting simcity and quitting origin, I can no longer access the internet until I reboot again.


2 hours of network debugging and all I had to do was not try to play Simcity...

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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I don't know if this is just the 3.1 patch, but I'm having issues with syncing to the server. You see, I have a 'tourist' city that is making money, and I eventually decided I wanted more. (You ask how greedy? Very!) So I spent half of my savings on an International Airport. I was very happy, and couldn't wait to hop over to another city to start sending resources. I hopped over to my ore / coal / products of ore and coal city. Once I was there I tried to find the great work in which I would be sending my resouces to, but it wasn't there. When do Simcity servers update all cities on a great work's progress?
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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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Since updating to 3.1 I have a new issue.  When sending resources to the great works my delivery trucks will deliver and then disappear.  My trade depot storage will remain full forever until I bulldoze the freight truck garages and re-plop them in edit mode.  I had to do this several hundred times for my great work to complete as I was the only one contributing to it in my region.

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